Layna the vet clinic cat up for adoption!

On my way home I stopped in the vet clinic to update then on Tig and say hi! I had to go over and say hi to this sweet girl! She is seven months old and just a little ball of cuteness. We had a good visit full on nose boops and purrs

I would consider adopting another cat but I’m not in a good place financially to justify doing this but I at least had to get in some kitten loves to make myself feel a little bit better after the last few days of severe pain!

LIVE: Amazing Moments You Wouldn’t Believe if They Weren’t Recorded | BBC Animals Documentary 2018

LIVE: Amazing Moments You Wouldn’t Believe if They Weren’t Recorded | BBC Animals Documentary 2018
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Tiny Kittens Felicity in labor first one here alive and healthy yay

Before leaving comments, please know that Felicity & her kittens are in foster care. They are all healthy and thriving. They were all adopted together into a home. You can follow them on facebook: 🙂

These videos were recorded from live streaming cams at the Tiny Kittens Society website

Reality Rescue Cats/Kittens TV
Besides the normal kitty behaviors of them looking adorable playing, sleeping, eating, wrestling with each other, squawking for their turn at their favorite nipple at the milkbar…
You may see cats and kittens feeling sick, sometimes grumpy, hissing, scampy, etc. Do not worry, they are in the best of care with volunteer snugglers, vet techs and the best vets in the area!

Tiny Kittens Society is a volunteer-run non-profit society working to improve the lives of cats and kittens in need. Based in Fort Langley, BC, Canada.
Their mission: “Rescuing locally, educating globally”
They help cats and kittens in need. Watch their rescue cats and kittens LIVE 24/7:

If you would like to learn more, please visit:

These videos were recorded by Sara (Little Darling) & is not affiliated with Tiny Kittens Society

“An exception to the feral rule was Felicity, who was rescued from a backyard breeder, where her treatment was less than humane. She arrived pregnant and was thrilled to find her accommodations full of cosy beds and toys. It was believed that she still had two weeks to go before she was due to give birth, and she was not very large, but soon after her arrival, she began to have a suspicious discharge, and Shelly feared the worst. Very quickly, Felicity reported to her nest and began to have contractions, and everyone assumed that she was miscarrying. Instead, she gave birth to two healthy kittens, a boy and a girl, who survived their mother’s constant baffing and neurotic concern for their welfare to become extremely energetic and active youngsters. Their energy and mischief was eclipsed, however, by that of their mother, who looned about Tinykittens HQ like a small tornado. One brave soul decided they would adopt the entire family. We wish her luck. Follow the family:″

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FCI Dog dance World Championship 2016 – Freestyle final – Lusy Imbergerova and Deril (Italy)

Final ranking: 2nd place (category: Freestyle)

The FCI dog dance world championships 2016 took place in Moscow, Russia from 23 – 26 june 2016. The participants competed in two categories: freestyle and heelwork to music. This routine above was shown in the freestyle final, where only the ten best participants were competing.

A freestyle routine displays the dog and the handler in a creative, innovative and original way, using music and intricate movements to showcase teamwork, artistry, athleticism and style in interpreting the theme of the music.

Heelwork to music (HTM):
A HTM routine should be done with the dog and the handler in close proximity to each other throughout the routine. On all moves, the dog and handler team should move as one entity throughout the routine, displaying heelwork and creativity in the many positions and behaviors possible in HTM.

For more information about the FCI dog dance world championship 2016 see:

Channel: Videos from Freestyle&HTM World Championship 2016 Moscow
Published: 2016-06-27 20:15:40
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Funny Dogs Video Compilation 2015

Awesome Dogs Compilation – The Best of funny moments with cuttest dogs.

Become our Patreon and support us to grow:

Be sure to subcribe to see more:

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Seven Kittens Born In A Row

Condensed version of two hour and half cat giving birth to seven ginger kittens.
Channel: Zeus Phoebe
Published: 2015-01-19 17:09:52
Duration: 6M45S
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