Kitty cat massager and toy review.

Ivy got her Christmas present in the mail today so I’m trying it out on her for the first time, let’s see if she likes it!

10 Babies Experiencing Things For The First Time – Funny Baby Videos

Childhood is best time to experience most new things for the first in our life. This video shows most amazing moments when babies are discovering new things and reactions on this discoveries.

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DIY Cat Toys – How to Make a Party Maker

Welcome to the Friskies Do-It-Yourself Toy Maker Series! Let’s build a toy that’s easy to make AND fun to play with: the Party Maker!

You’ll need:
– 1 coat hanger
– 1 empty Friskies Party Mix bag
– 1 roll of colorful tape

What to do:
– Cut the Party Mix Bag into thin strips.
– Take a 10 inch piece of tape and place it sticky side up.
– Take your strips and place them one by one on the tape.
– Take your hanger and remove the cardboard tube.
– Once the tape is good and secure, it’s time to celebrate!

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Voice Over Actress: Daniela DiIorio

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Oliver’s New Cat Toy – Cat In Design Senses Play Circuit – Plus Bonus Footage!

So Oliver got a new cat toy and it is called the Cat In Design Senses Play Circuit. This video contains footage of him playing with that as well as bonus footage of him being the little turd that he is.

He is my girlfriend’s Ragdoll Tabby mix cat. He was pretty sick recently so it is good to see him back to his old self.

As much is this cat toy is smart, it isn’t nearly as attention grabbing for him as the cat toy called the Cat’s Meow cat toy that is one of those As Seen On TV infomercial cat toys. It is also goes by the name Undercover Mouse cat toy.

I think most animal toys are kind of worthless, but cats meow toy is pretty impressive to keep your pussy cat or kitty cat purring. Far more than this Cat In Design Senses Play Circuit.

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Kitty Massages Kitty || ViralHog

Occurred on December 3, 2017 / Hong Kong

“A cat massages another cat and it’s very cute.”


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Gracee has wanted a dog for many years and her dad and I kept telling her when she was 10 she could have a dog. We decided a few months ago we would get her one for her 7th birthday a few weeks after her actual birthday and here is the scavenger hunt that we led her on to find her very own “real” dog! (sorry about the length of the video)
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