Is This The Best Guard Dog Breed In The World? 🐕

Belgian Malinois or what dog breed do you say???… (including power, speed, intelligence, ability to train, etc.)


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the biggest and most powerful guard dog in the world. kangal

the biggest and most powerful guard dog in the world. kangal
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10 Guard Dogs You Don’t Want To Mess With

Top 10 most amazing dogs that protect their owner
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They come in all shapes and colors and have been used in a variety of ways by humans for generations. Of course, we’re talking about dogs. For many of us today, a dog or two are an integral part of our family. They live in our homes, travel with us on vacation and even get a good portion of our ‘human’ food – even though the veterinarian told us not to feed them. The common adage is that they are man’s best friend. In many cases this saying is true. Dogs are loyal and don’t hold grudges. They comfort us when we are upset and make us laugh with the silly things they do. In many cases, too, they would protect us without a second thought about their own safety.

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dogs vs intruder- Watch what happens

dogs vs intruder- Watch what happens
Watch what happens – dogs vs robbers

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Dogs Protecting Their Owners Real Life Footage Best guard dogs have been compiled in this video. I would say that they are the best family dogs who risk their lives to save the owners. dogs are man’s loyal friend for centuries and till date they are the man’s best friend. If you own a dog from when it was a puppy and raise it properly, you will get one of the best family dog that will be very much protective towards you and will not tolerate any trespassing in the property that it’s in or the family it’s protecting. In this video you will see that how dogs managed to protect their owners against robberies, attacks, burglars, hooligans etc. I would say they are the best dogs who understand their duties very well and are doing what they are suppose to do. There are different dog breeds and different types of dogs and not all of the dogs can be good at protecting owners. Family protection dogs are usually from medium dog breeds to large dog breeds. Miniature dog breeds are often good at observing a danger but can’t protect you cause of their tiny size. I would say that the best family guard dogs or top dog breeds will be from medium to large height dogs.
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Dog kills a wolf to Protect Sheep Flock!!!

Dog vs Wolf – Dog Kills Wolf – Dog vs Wolf fight
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