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Havoc X Textron Off Road Dealer Show Minneapolis 5/16/17 Country Cat TV

We chat with Philip Jaunt of Textron Off Road about the new Havoc X at the Textron Off Road Dealer Show on May 16, 2017.

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450 pound Black Marlin eaten by shark

This 450 pound black marlin was caught off Cairns, Australia. After about 22 minutes it panicks and goes down deep, where the sharks live. Big mistake. At least we got to keep the Bill! As for the size, its the Captain who makes the call, not me. Barry Cross (skip) estimated it to be around 450lbs, so thats what i go with even though i might agree with some that its closer to 350 than 450. For a reference, at the end of the video when i’m holding the head, i’m 6’4″. It might also be helpful to know that the boat is 65ft long and has a beam (width) of 17.5ft. Comments have been disabled after the Internet Trolls with no clue as to what game fishing is all about started dropping one liners. Educate yourself before you opinionize kids. Go to for more info on the awesome boat! There is a professional DVD out with this footage on it, go to to buy.
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Funniest BANNED Commercials 2017

The Funniest Banned Commercials of 2017! Prepare to Laugh and be Shocked these Commercials are Hilarious.
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Top 10 Incredible Street Performers Videos [AMAZING]

People are awesome and people are amazing. Check out these street performances of these street performers in this top 10 videos presentation. Street performers musicians, street performers singing, street performer drummer and other.

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Watch Out For That!: Fails of the Month (August 2012) || FailArmy

Check out some of our favorite fails from the month of August 2012. Leave a comment below and make sure you subscribe.

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