How to Find a Missing Cat Molly the Country's only Cat Detection Dog UKPD

A training video of Molly our Cat Detection Dog searching for a Cat Sample at UKPD United Kingdom Pet Detective HQ

Cat meeting the puppies for the first time.

Floki the cat meeting Marley & Luna for the first. Just a day later they are already playing with each other.

NEW VIDEO of them playing in the snow!

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How To Quickly Stop Dog Barking
In this video Dr Jones shows you the easiest and most effective ways to quickly stop dog barking- See his exact step by step instructions that will finally stop your dog’s barking.
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Baby deer rescue and release

A deer doe abandoned one of her twin fawns, the fawn had injured leg and could not keep up with the mother.
I do not support keeping wild animals as a pets, but this was special situation. The baby deer was healed and released back to her real mother.
Update: The doe and two her fawns is still around, we seen them through the summer and the autumn.
Here is follow up video one year after release:
Here is few videos how she learn to drink milk and bathing:

I am thankful for every single person who liked, shared and left a comment. I didn’t expect this story to become so popular. I am sure that any of us with a little bit of a conscience about our existence, with love for the nature and animals would do the same.

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The Place Inside by Silent Partner
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