Gertie’s recovery from pet store horror
Gertie was found during a pet shop investigation in New York city, where sick puppies were being sold for profit. She was suffering from untreated pneumonia, but now has a safe and loving home because of people like you.

This pet shop has since closed, but sick puppies and misleading information are industry-wide problems. With your help, we’ll keep fighting for animals suffering in puppy mills. We’ll also keep working to protect animals impacted by natural disasters, as well as those in research labs, factory farms and other situations of cruelty and neglect. Please become a Humane Hero with a monthly gift—or give your one-time gift—today.

Animal Rescue Team Preparing to Shut Down 10th Dog Meat Farm

Our Animal Rescue Team is on the ground in Namyangju, South Korea preparing to shut down the 10th dog meat farm!

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149 dogs and puppies saved from slaughter

In South Korea, as many as 2 million dogs a year are slaughtered and eaten. They suffer on a daily basis in deplorable conditions on dog meat factory farms.

As South Korea’s Bok Nal summer season, during which more than one million dogs are killed and eaten as a spicy soup, gets underway, Humane Society International has changed the grim fate of 149 dogs and new born puppies saved from the pot.

This is the sixth farm that Humane Society International has closed down.

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Animal Rescue Team Rescues Hundreds

Watch as the HSUS Animal Rescue Team goes in to rescue hundreds of animals desperate for care and love. This large-scale hoarding case brought in over 200 dogs and cats living in squalor in rural Arizona.
Channel: The Humane Society of the United States
Published: 2011-03-25 15:57:30
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Rescuers Discover The Heartbreaking Reason This Cat Only Accepts Food In Bags


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Rescuers Discover The Heartbreaking Reason This Cat Only Accepts Food In Bags
Homeless cat only accepts food in bags so she can feed her only kitten

Life on the streets isn’t easy for cats. While house cats enjoy a pampered existence, strays forced to live in the elements struggle every single day to survive.

If you’ve ever fed a stray cat, then you know just how rough life can be for them—and how appreciative they are of free meals. While they might be wary of people, if there is food to offer, strays will scarf it all down as quickly as they can before bounding off to safety.

That’s what makes this story so special. When a volunteer from a local animal shelter noticed the strange way one cat was eating food, she decided to follow her. What she discovered changed the way she saw every animal around her…

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Pet Store Kitten Pulls Off A Daring Escape To See Her Best Friend After The Workers Are Gone

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