Funny Cute Color Changing Cat Magic Mugs

Let this magic cup add a little magic and cats to your morning wakeup routine. When pouring a hot drink, it is heaven in a mug for cat lovers to see the black mug magically changing into a mug with cute cat printings.

Choose from these six cute designs. Grab your mug Here!

DIY COLOR CHANGING MUGS! Make magic mugs for gifts!

Hey guys! So lately, I’ve been seeing these heat sensitive mugs everywhere, and I think they are an amazing thing to make it yourself. They are also the perfect gift, so I hope you like them.

Start off by searching and printing an 8 bit heart design, cut it out and use it to outline the shape onto your mug with a pencil, you can also free hand this, but I find it easier this way.

Then go over with a porcelain marker or a marker suitable for mugs. Keep carefully completing the design until you finish with the black outline. To paint the red part, I’m using this porcelain paint so just go ahead and paint your red part with something that is designed to paint in porcelain or mugs.

For the second design, I free handed the design using a picture as a guide. Don’t worry if you make any mistake, you can clean it up easily with a q-tip and some alcohol. After finishing your design, fill the inside of the gauge with red paint.

Now follow the instructions of your paint and markers and bake the mugs to seal the design if they need so.

To make the color changing effect, I’m using this heat sensitive pigment, that as always I found on eBay,

and I will mix it with some ceramic varnish.
Just place a little bit of the pigment and a little bit of the varnish and mix it well. The consistency must be something similar to ink. Make sure it’s pretty opaque but not too thick.
And finally just paint over the red parts of your design. And remember, It’s much better to apply two thin coats instead of a thick one. Let it dry for at least 10 hours.

So, as you can see, it works amazing. The pigment doesn’t become completely transparent, but it works perfectly fine for these kind of designs. The effect obviously is not permanent, it goes back to black once it completely cools down, which takes like 20 minutes. And you can also pour some cold water to fasten this process.

And that’s it!!

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DIY Amazing VIRAL Color-Changing Phone Case!! DIY Mermaid Sequin Phone Case!

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This DIY phone case is inspired by those viral sequin “mermaid” pillows that were all over Buzzfeed, YouTube and Instagram lately. I found an Etsy shop that sold the sequin fabric and it’s perfect for all sorts of DIYs!! DIY phone cases are perfect because they don’t require a lot of material. You can also use this sequin fabric to cover DIY notebooks. Making clothes or pillows might end up being a bit expensive! EDIT: Lots of viewers have mentioned that you CAN buy these in Walmart…my bad ^_^”!! There’s no Walmart in Europe and I’ve never seen these online before.

Search “your phone model + clear case” on Aliexpress, Amazon or Etsy. Look for sellers who offer bulk listings, which are much cheaper and great for crafting. Aliexpress is always the cheapest, however shipping can take a few weeks.
iPhone 7 Case ($3.99):
iPhone 6 Case ($3.99):

Turquoise & Purple: Currently sold out :(. You can contact the shop to ask when it’ll be back in stock!
Pink & Gold:
White & Silver:
Gold & White:
Raspberry & Navy:
Iridescent & White:
Green & Black:,
Pink & Black:

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NEW Hair color transformation – MUST SEE 2017

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Magical On/Off Color Changing Mug from chinabuye ,This magical mug will change its color when you poured hot water into it, Black mug will change to be a white mug, with the pattern “OFF” turn to be “ON”. A little creativity can make your life more colorful, you deserve to buy it!
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