Funny Coincidence Pictures Right Moment Pics Funny Videos

Funny Coincidence Pictures Right Moment Pics Funny Videos

Funny Videos Photos that Prove You Have Dirty Mind Funny Pictures

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19 Silly Photos Taken At The Right Moment

19 Pictures taken at the most perfect moment to make them look hilarious or amazing, you won’t believe how crazy this pics look!

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11. The Unique-Looking Gymnast
*Gasp* Who is she? She’s beauty. She’s grace. She apparently had her head replaced with a foot so that she could be better at executing her triple backflip somersault handstand forward roll with a twist. Of course not. This gymnast is so incredibly flexible that her head is merely bent so far back that it’s completely out of the shot.

10. Monster-Sized Giraffe
To your left, you’ll see more grassland and to your right you’ll see a giant giraffe about to snatch us out of the air, apparently this is what the pilot said just before the were indeed snatched out of the air. This is honestly one of the better photos that were perfectly timed and documented. A giraffe that tall would be quite awkward looking.

9. Giraffe Dentist
Speaking of giraffes, take a look at this one. Don’t worry, this is a standard check-up procedure that she performs all the time. Actually, this giraffe hasn’t seen a day of dental school in its life and its head is not currently in the mouth of that young man. Perception people, it’s all about perception.

8. Saying Hello
Everybody knows that the universal way a dog says “hello” to another dog is by sniffing their rear end when they first meet. That doesn’t mean that us humans should say hi in their native way because they’d probably think we’re being total weirdos. That being said, this person’s head is only hiding behind the dog’s body and not where it obviously looks like it is.

7. The Perfect Routine
Ah, this ice skating move hasn’t been performed in ages. Dubbed, the Russian Peek-a-boo, this move is incredibly difficult to master. NOT. This was just some great photo taking skills by the photographer. It would be incredibly terrifying to have your face that close to a blade while your rapidly moving partner holds you upside down, no thank you. Whatever these two are doing it looks incredibly complicated and they deserve a round of applause.

6. Digestive Problems
Somebody get this poor cow some Pepto Bismol. Who knew you could have such severe tummy trouble just from eating grass? This cow is probably so “moo”-dy because of its explosive flatulence. Just kidding. Though cows do produce an enormous amount of methane gas, this is just one who was standing in the right place at the right time.

5. China’s Chengdu Zoo
It might sound strange to those of us who don’t live in China or Japan, however, to the local citizens of these countries it’s perfectly normal. Apparently, there are some zoos in both Japan and China that have zookeepers dress up in full-sized animal costumes in order to help prepare their fellow zookeepers for how they would subdue the escaped animal in real life. This image was taken on June 2, 2011, when zookeepers at the Chengdu Zoo caught the “tiger” and carried away the volunteer on a stretcher. But the gag is that the real tiger is watching this imposter being taken away looking oddly concerned.

4. Stingray Photobomb
“Got room for one more?” Now picture that in a deep voice because that’s exactly this stingray’s internal monologue. It was just trying to be one of the gals and get in on the group photo. No harm no foul, right? Wrong. It seems these girls won’t be swimming with marine wildlife for a while. The girl in the middle just looks completely shook.

3. A Nice Set of Legs
This is exactly what happens when you continuously skip leg day and only focus on your upper body. He’s got some great looking legs right there, don’t you think? Why is he bartending when he should be strutting down the nearest catwalk at Paris Fashion week? Because those toned legs aren’t even his. They belong to the woman ordering the drink he just made.

2. The Floating Woman
Somebody get a medium and call Houdini because his title as “One Of The World’s Greatest Illusionists” has just been snatched by this woman. Look at her just casually levitating on the side of the street. You know she’s not waiting for a bus when she can just float on home. How do you all think she’s pulling this crazy stunt off?

1. The Statue of Liberty
This is it. All the other perfectly timed photos can go home because this one takes first place by a landslide. Why? Well, most of the photos on this list can be restaged one way or another but not this one. What are the odds that at the exact moment the photographer took this picture that lighting would strike? Or the odds that it would perfectly align with the statue’s torch? Lady Liberty is one woman you don’t want to mess with it.

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Whatsapp Funny Videos Whatsapp Funny Pics

Whatsapp Funny Videos Whatsapp Funny Pics
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Hilarious Moment during class-THIS IS NOT FAKE!

For licensing/usage please contact: licensing at jukinmediadotcom -Description of Video Below-

the guys in the video is a rapper/songwriter. You can check him out here —

This happened during a theatre lecture of ours at York University in Toronto. We’re happy it could make some people laugh, it was a funny coincidence. We were in the middle of class and one thing to another no one really knew why they ended up laughing so much!

WAIT FOR THE MOMENT 00:35ish seconds !

Hope you enjoy, laugh, haha we couldn’t believe it. The original video was longer but decided to cut it down for the best part.

Like, enjoy, share it

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Published: 2012-08-17 23:50:32
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