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Funny Animal Pictures || Funny Animals Pictures || Funny Panties Pictures.
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Doctor Vox – Frontier
Killercats – Tell Me
Tobu – Hope
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اقوى مقاطع وفضايح البنات على واتس أب ضحك حتى الموت

get : اقوى مقاطع وفضايح البنات على واتس أب ضحك حتى الموت
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What Your Life Looks Like In Thermal

Predator vision.

“Thermal camera provided by FLIR
Learn more at” #seetheheat

Lament Of The Droids
Warner // Chappell Production Music

Anita Kalathara
Jacob Matthews


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Grand Theft Auto V || GTA V || GTA 5 Sexy Girls

Grand Theft Auto V || GTA V || GTA 5 Sexy Girls
Music: Goblins from Mars – King Taco
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World’s Funniest Photoshop Fails

These are 17 of the most funniest photoshop fails of all time. How did these people think no one would notice?!

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10. He’s Wondering How He Goes To The Bathroom Too

This little pug either just holds it all in, or he just never has to go–because either way, he doesn’t have any way to do it. I guess the company who publishes this dog calendar felt it was bit too risque to show ALL of the anatomical parts of the animal.

9. With This Phalanges Advantage…This Guy Must Play Like No Other!

I think that maybe the request for this image was a “six-string guitar” and not a “six-fingered guitar player.” This guitar player though, must be excellent at those hard to reach chords. I wonder if he had to invent his own fingering system.

8. Exorcist Foot Syndrome

This model is suffering from a relatively new diagnosed condition called “exorcist syndrome.” It involves the ability to completely turn your legs around—360 degrees. It makes twirling extra fun though. Who needs to stand up on their tippy toes, when you can just bypass that and spin your entire leg!

7. I Think Her Eyes Are Following Me

This model tried on a couple of different dresses. The Photoshop “expert” thought he or she could fool the viewer by adding a touch of extra hair on one of them—to “drastically” change the face of the model. This was not quite successful. And, I think the eyes of the model are following me wherever I look on the page. Do you feel the same way? Creepy!

6. I Think She Should Really Get That Checked Out By A Doctor

I know that every human body is different; and some people have looser joints than others. But I think the clothing model on the right takes “loose joints” to a new level. Her left elbow perfectly forms to her waist. And her skin texture on that side seems to suffer from some flesh-eating virus. It is slowly eating away at her arm. I think she should probably get that checked out by a doctor…stat!

5. The Wonders of Modern Technology

I wonder how they do it! Here is a new plane model that does not even need the front landing gear. Take that American Airlines! I feel that a nose-heavy issue might develop. I assume that Turkish Airlines implements a new step in their pre-flight checklist: everyone on board runs to the back of the plane during take-off, so as to tip the plane back and get it ready for flight.

4. How Do You Find Underwear That Fit Comfortably?

Xhilaration brand has released a new underwear model. It offers a new option for those who have a unique crotch design. Previously, woman who had this unique shape down there had to suffer with “regular style” underwear. Now, they can find this model which fits perfectly in where it is supposed to go. Now, woman who have a rectangular, triangular, and circular shape are waiting for their models to be released.

3. The Day Michael Phelps’ Stalker Finally Reached Her Victim

Being a celebrity has its perks. The American swimmer Michael Phelps enjoys being famous. But with celebrity comes stalkers. And stalkers will go to great lengths to find their obsessions. This image captures the stalker of Michael Phelps as she finally was able to touch her obsession. She only had to swim an Olympic event to do it. Success!

2. That Looks Mighty Dangerous!

This hot tub ad apparently ran out of stock photos of people lounging in hot tubs, so the next best thing was obviously people about to get seriously injured once they land in the tub. And judging from the angle of both individuals, it looks like they both might actually miss the tub completely.

1. Not Only Do I Have Black Friends, I Also Have A Black Hand

Jeb Bush, a former presidential candidate, and former governor of Florida is not a former nor is a current master of Photoshop. He either has a hand issue to check out, or he is taking “the I’m not racist; I have a black hand” to the next level!

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People Use A Bidet For The First Time

“It’s like a massage for your anus”

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Little Havana
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.



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