Fun Pet Animal Care Kids Games – Sago Mini Apartment – Fun Learn Educational Games For Toddlers

Fun Pet Animal Care Kids Games – Sago Mini Apartment – Fun Educational Games For Toddlers


t’s every kid’s dream – an apartment you share with all your best friends! Hop in the elevator with Jinja, and practice counting the floors as you go up, up, up. There’s fun to be had and friends to meet at each of the 7 floors – will you ride all the way up to Astrid’s rooftop garden? Or work up a sweat with a cupcake barbell in Harvey’s exercise room? Don’t forget to stop in at Kiki’s loft, and help her tidy up with a super-powered vacuum. Hold the door – we’re coming!

1st Floor: Harvey’s Exercise Room
Get in shape the silly way with Jinja and Harvey! Practice counting your reps with the pineapple dumbbells, or perfect your balance on the exercise ball.

2nd Floor: Robin’s Music Room
The band’s back together – and you’re invited to jam with them! Develop early musical skills by creating your own songs over looping tracks with Robin and her background singers.

3rd Floor: Jack’s Workshop
Jack’s been busy inventing new toys – but he needs your help to put them together. Use hand-eye coordination to sort the shapes and solve the puzzle – when you’re finished, the toy is yours to play with!

4th Floor: Rosie’s Kitchen
Rosie needs help making sandwiches for a picnic – perfect for practicing your culinary skills! Will you stack up a sky-high sub, a lettuce wrap with extra avocado or a sweet ice cream sammy?

5th Floor: Kiki’s Loft
Kiki’s loft is a bit of a mess – will you be a pal and help her tidy up? She’s got a high-powered vacuum that makes sucking stuff up & practicing chores super fun!

6th Floor: Neville’s Ice Cream Shop
Stop off at Neville’s place for a double-scoop of fun! Practice sharing as you stack your cones sky-high – extra sprinkles, please!

7th Floor: Astrid’s Rooftop Garden
Astrid’s balcony gets lots of sun – perfect for growing silly surprises! Plant the seeds, give them lots of water, and harness the sun’s power to help them grow.

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