Fun Animals Pet Care – Toilet Training, Bath, Dress Up – Cute Kitty & Puppy Care Fun Kids Games

Fun Pet Care Kids Games – Cute Kitty & Puppy Care – Bath Time, Colors, Dress Up – Fun Children Games

Kiki & Fifi Pet Friends – Gameplay Android & iOS

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Fun Baby Boss Care – Take Care of Naughty Baby – Play Doctor Bath Time Feed Dress Up – Kids Games

Funny Baby Care Game Baby Boss Play Bath Time Dress Up for Kids Children Toddlers
Naughty Baby – Playtime Fun With Baby Boss – Care & Dress Up | Baby Care Game for Family & Kids | Take Care Of Baby & Fun Playtime | Baby Care Game For Kids

Developer – Coco Play by TabTale
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Fun Pet Care Kids Games – Cute Kitty & Puppy Care – Bath Time, Colors, Dress Up – Fun Children Games

Kiki & Fifi Pet Friends – Cute Kitty & Puppy Care

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Play and take care of two sweet little friends Kiki and Fifi. Give a bubble bath, shower, clean up, brush fur, polish nails and design the perfect outfits for your pets. Build a house and design the sweetest home for them. Perfect game for girls and boys who love taking care of adorable little animals!

Kiki & Fifi Pet Friends virtual pet care games for kids:
· Kitten Kiki loves to change her style. Take care of her fur and nails – brush, cut, shave and color!
· Puppy Fifi needs you to clean up, wash, bath, dry and brush her fur!
· Choose what’s best for puppy Fifi’s teeth: a candy, shampoo or tooth paste?
· Mix and match the cutest pet clothes and dress up Kiki & Fifi!
· When best friends kitten Kiki and puppy Fifi are hungry, make some food!
· Get ready for the feeding frenzy – prepare the main courses, drinks and desserts!
· Fill Kiki’s and Fifi’s bowls with their favorite food and clean up after they eat!
· Build the best pet house: fix it, get rid of the dust and paint with your favorite colors!
· Decorate the pet house with doors, curtains, flowers, carpets and lights!
· Sort the presents and surprise your virtual pets with gifts!
· Pop balloons with kitten Kiki in the coin tree and collect coins!
· Play Kiki & Fifi Pet Friends every day and collect all gift awards!
· Watch videos for kids and get bonus coins!

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Animal Hospital Care Kids Games – Play Fun Animal Doctor Children Games

NEW patients in the Farm Lake City Animal Hospital – rooster Gary and dog Judy. Help them get well and play the best animal doctor, dentist and pet vet games for kids and toddlers!

Farm Lake City animals need doctor care! Run your own animal hospital and treat six farm animals: a cat, a dog, a rooster, a pig, a cow and a donkey. Miss Judy, the cutest dachshund, has a terrible flu. Rooster Gary was protecting the chicken coop and needs to recover after a fight with a fox. Carlo the Cat has a tummy ache after eating too much fish. Mrs. Pigsley, the lady pig, got a sunburn instead of a nice summer tan. Miss Violet, the lady cow, read books in the dark and now her eyes hurt. Billy the Donkey had way too much candies and he needs to see the dentist. Be their doctor and treat your little patients!

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Fun Pet Care Kids Games – Toilet Training, Bath, Dress Up, Doctor, – Fun Games for Kids Toddlers

Sweet Baby Girl Chloe loves animals and helps to take care of little kittens in the Sweet Baby Girl Cat Shelter. Join her and have tons of furry fun! Mr. Fluffy is really hungry, precious little Snowflake is waiting for a bath, snuggly Whiskers needs eye doctor help and adventurous Oliver has a broken tail. Don’t forget to clean up the cat shelter with pet vet Chloe!

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Sweet Baby Girl Cat Shelter kitten care games for kids and toddlers:
· Play and take care of four little kittens: Mr. Fluffy, Snowflake, Whiskers and Oliver!
· Feed Mr. Fluffy – cook the most delicious fish with pet vet Chloe!
· Give Snowflake a bath – shower, shampoo, dry and comb her soft white fur, then trim and color the claws!
· Dress up Snowflake – choose the cutest collar and stylish kitty cat accessories!
· Treat Oliver’s broken tail – use the X-ray machine, fix the tail and help Olive feel much better!
· Play cat eye doctor and treat Whiskers’ eyes – he needs new glasses!
· Clean up with pet vet Chloe – wipe, sweep, polish, vacuum, change the litter box and throw away the trash!
· Collect super cute kitten stickers and watch videos for kids!

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Little Baby and Pet Care – Lily & Kitty Baby Doll House – Fun Game for Kids Toddlers

Baby Doll House Lily & Kitty | Kids Play Baby Care games for Babies & Toddler by TutoTOONS
Baby Doll House To Play The Cutest Baby And Pet Care Games For Kids And Toddlers!

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