Fun Animals Care Forest Hospital – Little Fox Animal Doctor – Kids Learn To Be A Vet Games

Little Fox Animal Doctor – be a vet
By Fox and Sheep GmbH

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We received the “Tech with Kids’ Best Pick Award” for exceptional design of a children’s app.

Little Fox has caught a cold. Can you help to find him a cure? The bat has broken its wing. Do you know what to do?

Whether a bump on the head, a stomach ache from too much candy, a little wound, or a sunburn, these funny animals need the help of a really good doctor!

From Oscar-nominated artist Heidi Wittlinger, the illustrator and director behind the bestseller Apps „Nighty Night“, „Little Fox Music Box“ and „Nighty Night Circus“ comes a wonderful new 3D-App which your child will love!

The app is full of humorous animations, amazing 3D illustrations, and funny short movies. In the animal doctor’s office, located in a magical treehouse, the animals are waiting to be cured. Kids are playfully guided through applying treatments that they might have experienced themselves: measuring temperatures, taking medicine, getting a plaster. And of course, eating a snail is probably just good for owls!


1.There are 7 animals in the App – fox, bat, rabbit, mole, hedgehog, spider and owl, with 21 different injuries, sicknesses, and diseases.
2. Your child has many different treatments and medicines to choose from to cure the animals and make them happy again.
3. Every time your child plays the App the animals have different illnesses, injuries and diseases.
4. Little Fox Animal Doctor is the first 3D-App by Oscar-nominated artist Heidi Wittlinger. She is also the creative genius behind Nighty Night, Little Fox Music Box and Nighty Night Circus. Her Apps have been downloaded over 5 million times worldwide.

The App will make your children’s dreams of being an Animal Doctor come true!

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Sweet Baby Care – Fun Toilet Training Bath Dress Up Go to Potty – Sweet Emma Dreamland Kids Game

Fun Baby Care – Toilet Bath Dress Up Spa Makeover | Sweet Little Emma Dreamland 2 TutoTOONS Educational Games – Potty Train Emma, Dress Up, Go To Garden & more Best Games for Kids HD

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Baby Panda Feelings Emotional Growth – Baby Learn Colors Games – Fun Educational Games For Kids

Feelings – For Kids

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This educational game teaches children to recognize when they have a specific feeling. Toddlers experience many of the same emotions adults do. Babies can feel angry, jealous, excited, sad, happy, frustrated or worried. The huge difference is that toddlers often lack the self-control and language skills to express their feelings. We are here to help them, to help you. Join this wonderful adventure where solving problems is easy and fun.

Fun features:
* Develop empathy helping your little friends
* Learn to recognize and communicate emotions.
* Learn to understand others’ feelings.

Play this interactive and educational game for kids, it is full of colors and characters to discover. There are a lot of animals waiting for you: a friendly panda, a lovely penguin, a cute rabbit and a little dog. Join the fun with Babybus.

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Fun Animals Doctor Kids Games Sea Doctor | Baby Learn and Play Care and Help Ocean Animals

Fun Animals Doctor Kids Games Sea Doctor | Baby Learn and Play Care and Help Ocean Animals.

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Hi, dear Libii fans, are you ready to realize your responsibility in the vast sea? Now let’s board the ship LIBII to unveil its mystery!

However, the aquatic lives meet some problems and they are all looking for your help! And our Ocean Doctor happens to bring you a great chance to rescue them.

This time, not only can you sightsee the underwater world, but also learn about the various creatures! Now please come here to save your little friends and enjoy the charm of Ocean with them!!

How to play:
Open the game, click the ship or the doctor to start the game. Here you can control the submarine by sliding the screen, the farther you slide, the quicker submarine moves. When under the water, you can see different kinds of animals around you, once you get close to one of them, you can see a tip showing the reason of its sickness. Then stand by or tap “the patient”, you’ll bring it to the treatment room, where you need to use different medical instruments to cure the little creatures. After curing them, you still need to solve some difficult problems, which can win you lots of prizes! So please take the responsibility and become their guardian angel!
– 12 kinds of distinctive aquatic organisms
– 25 interesting mini games
– 3 challenging tasks
– Interactive game platform
– Wrap-around full view from the sky to the seafloor
– Continued improvements of this game, please feel free to send us your feedbacks and suggestions

Need You Know:
This app is totally free to download and play, some basic items are also free to use, but some additional items need you to purchase and pay to unlock. Therefore, if you do not want to use these items, please turn off the in-app purchase in your settings. Thanks.
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Fun Baby Girl Care Learn Colors Game – House Makeover, Clean Up Doghouse – Sweet Baby Girl Cleanup 4

Sweet Baby Girl Cleanup 4 – House Makeover, Pony Care & BBQ Pool Party By TutoTOONS

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The best, most popular and kids all-time favorite cleaning game Sweet Baby Girl Cleanup now with new super fun clean up and home makeover activities!
Play messy house makeover, clean up pony stables and doghouse, and get ready for a super cool BBQ pool party!

Sweet Baby Girl and her friends are in the Dream House waiting for you to join their super fun spring cleaning spree and home makeover party! Messy kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, laundry room, car, swimming pool, water slide, barbecue grill, fridge, pony stables, doghouse, tree house and fence need your care and attention. Get ready to clean up, vacuum, wash, bath, mop, wipe, scrub, fix and more!

Sweet Baby Girl Cleanup 4 is here to help kids learn how to clean up, do their daily chores, build good habits, keep their clothes, toys and things tidy, take care of their pets and help parents at home. With every good work in the game, kids will be rewarded with compliments for their efforts and earn coins. Kids can use coins to unlock new toys, game items and activities inside the game!

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Fox Family For Kids Eat Insect! Animation Cartoon for Kids

Fox Family For Kids Eat Insect! Animation Cartoon for Kids
Channel: Spiderman Kids School
Published: 2017-07-12 09:41:45
Duration: 11M16S
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