Fun Animals Care Forest Hospital – Doctor Kids Care For Little Animals – Fun Animated Children Games

Fun Animals Care Forest Hospital – Doctor Kids Care For Little Animals – Fun Animated Children Games
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We received the “Tech with Kids’ Best Pick Award” for exceptional design of a children’s app.
Little Fox has caught a cold. Can you help to find him a cure? The bat has broken its wing. Do you know what to do?

Whether a bump on the head, a stomach ache from too much candy, a little wound, or a sunburn, these funny animals need the help of a really good doctor!

From Oscar-nominated artist Heidi Wittlinger, the illustrator and director behind the bestseller Apps „Nighty Night“, „Little Fox Music Box“ and „Nighty Night Circus“ comes a wonderful new 3D-App which your child will love!

The app is full of humorous animations, amazing 3D illustrations, and funny short movies. In the animal doctor’s office, located in a magical treehouse, the animals are waiting to be cured. Kids are playfully guided through applying treatments that they might have experienced themselves: measuring temperatures, taking medicine, getting a plaster. And of course, eating a snail is probably just good for owls!


1.There are 7 animals in the App – fox, bat, rabbit, mole, hedgehog, spider and owl, with 21 different injuries, sicknesses, and diseases.
2. Your child has many different treatments and medicines to choose from to cure the animals and make them happy again.
3. Every time your child plays the App the animals have different illnesses, injuries and diseases.
4. Little Fox Animal Doctor is the first 3D-App by Oscar-nominated artist Heidi Wittlinger. She is also the creative genius behind Nighty Night, Little Fox Music Box and Nighty Night Circus. Her Apps have been downloaded over 5 million times worldwide.

The App will make your children’s dreams of being an Animal Doctor come true!

Lily & Kitty Baby Doll House Kids Games – Toilet Dress Up Feed Bath Pet Care – Fun Little Baby Care

Lily & Kitty Baby Doll House – Little Girl & Cute Kitten Care By TutoTOONS – Fun Baby Care Kids Games
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Lily & Kitty are best friends since they can remember. They play, eat, sleep and have tons of fun together! Join them in a baby doll house to play the cutest baby and pet care games for kids and toddlers!
Surprise your child with new baby care activities in 8 mini games that include baby bath time, dress up, kids’ room clean up, making baby food, changing diapers and getting ready for sleep. You will be surprised how much your children will enjoy spending time with Lily & Kitty!

Meet sweet little Lily and her adorable pet Kitty in their doll house and play games that toddlers and kids love!


Dress Up
Play baby fashion designer and create your dream outfits for Lily and Kitty! Choose baby clothes and accessories in 7 categories and combine colorful pants, stylish dresses, cute blouses and comfortable shoes. Capture the moment and take a picture of your creation!

Clean Up
What a mess in Lily’s room! Learn to clean up and give Lily’s room a brand new look! Grab a mop and wipe the dirt, catch spiders, organize clothes in Lily’s closet, put flowers in the vase and sort the toys!

Baby Care
Time for a diaper change! Take good care of baby girl Lily and her kitten so they could play more games. Change the diapers, clean up the mess and apply baby oil and powder to make Lily’s skin soft and smooth!

Baby Lily and her little cat need a tasty meal several times a day. Mix baby formula powder with water to make some warm milk. Prepare yummy fruit puree from apples and pears for baby Lily. Feed the little kitty too by giving her delicious cat food. Learn how to use a napkin and clean up after lunch!

Give baby Lily and Kitty a warm bubble bath! Wash the baby and her kitten with bubbly shampoo and rinse the bubbles with water. Dry Lily and Kitty with hair dryer and comb their hair. Clip and cut their nails – Lily & Kitty like them healthy and strong!

Baby Lily and Kitty are tired after so much playing! Dress up Lily and Kitty in their cute pajamas, cover them with a soft blanket and decorate baby’s crib their favorite toys. Wish them sweet dreams and turn off the light so that Lily and Kitty could have a wonderful night sleep!

Get a new adorable baby sticker for each completed level and create beautiful compositions in your virtual sticker book!

Discover more fun with TutoTOONS!
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CARS 3 DINOCO & Transformers Toys Movie w/ Learn Colors & Finger Family Nursery Rhymes For Kids Song

CARS 3 DINOCO & Transformers Toys Movie w/ Learn Colors & Finger Family Nursery Rhymes For Kids Song

Finger Family Songs
Johny Johny Yes papa
Five little monkeys jumping on the bed
wheels on the bus
Nursery rhymes for kids
Youtube Audio Library
Music by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a CC Attribution 3.0
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 (CC BY 3.0)

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Fun Baby Care Messy Home Adventure – Daddy’s Little Helper – Fun Educational Game For Kids

Daddy’s Little Helper – Messy Home Adventure – Fun Baby Care – Kids Learning Clean Toilet Pet Care Cartoon for Kids
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Silly Daddy can’t get anything right! Help Daddy clean up & organize the messy house! Be the best little helper around with tons of fun-filled & engaging home activities! Wash dirty dishes, prepare dinner, iron the laundry, tidy up the living room and more! It’s time to care for Daddy!

Uh oh, this house is a mess! Can you care for Daddy & help organize the house before Mommy comes home? Do the laundry, care for the puppy, clean the messy toilet & more! Don’t forget to leave Mommy a loving note on the fridge! Helping around the house is pretty crazy (especially when Mommy’s not home!)

Wash the dirty dishes in soapy water & put them away on the dishrack.
Bake & decorate yummy cookies in the kitchen!
Clean out the messy fridge & put the groceries away with Daddy!
Care for your messy pet – feed him & make sure he doesn’t have lice!
Decorate the fridge with magnets – leave a note for Mommy!
Help Daddy iron the wrinkly clothes, fold them & put them away!
Decorate your robot & send it off to clean the messy living room! Set the table with beautiful dishes for dinner! Show everyone how much you care!

A Google Play Top Developer, recognized for its commitment to launching high-quality and innovative apps on Android, TabTale lovingly produces games, interactive e-books, and educational experiences. With over 1 billion downloads and growing, TabTale has established itself as the creator of pioneering virtual adventures that kids and parents love. TabTale’s apps spark children’s imaginations and inspire them to think creatively, while having fun! Search “TabTale” on Google Play and discover more incredible apps.
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Pango Storytime Pango Ice Cream Fun Storytime For Kids Learn Cartoon Video Game

Fun Pango Storytime for Kids – Ice Cream Fun Storytime For Kids Learn Cartoon Video Game
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The application that unites all the new and really great interactive PANGO stories!

It’s Story Time!
Explore Pango Story Time’s LIBRARY, CHOOSE A story, and DISCOVER a new Pango ADVENTURE.

At each stage of the story, Pango and friends need you, but how can you help?
Understand their message, INTERACT with the picture..BRAVO! You move the story along.

Tender and wacky adventures, full of sounds and funny animations.

Thanks to touch, sound and dynamic pictures, children are stimulated and amazed.
Children learn everything while having fun.

An attractive narration and games PERFECTLY thought out for little fingers.

NEW adventures appear regularly in the application for even more ENJOYMENT.
So complete your story collection and your library GROWS!

Quickly discover PANGO Story Time. The first story is FREE!
The next ones are really cheap!

With Pango, use your IMAGINATION!

to know more:

– PANGO Interactive story library
– ACTIVE Reading: the child advances the story by playing.
– Perfect for children 3 or older
– A simple, functional application
– Internal parental control
– NEW stories appear over the months
– The first story is FREE

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Fun Animals Care & Play Kids Learn Colors Games – Makeover Girls Game Princess Gloria Horse Club

Fun Baby Care & Play Kids Learn Colors Games Princess Gloria Club – Animals Care Makeover Girls Game – Princess Gloria Horse Club 2 | Educational Maker Salon beauty | Game By Tuto Toons

Downloads Google Play

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