Fun Animal Care In Forest Hospital – Care Cute Little Fox And Forest Animals Friends – Fun Kids Game

Little Fox Animal Vet Game By Fox and Sheep GmbH
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Blippi Learns at the Children’s Museum | Learn to Count for Toddlers and more!

Blippi learns at the children’s museum while he is creative. Play at the play place with Blippi while you learn to count and learn colors and how to be creative. Paint in the creative room with Blippi at the children’s museum and play in the water room and get wet! Blippi toys makes fun educational videos for toddlers. Be sure to subscribe to Blippi at

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Animal Hospital Care Kids Games – Play Fun Animal Children Games

Farm Lake City animals need doctor care! Run your own animal hospital and treat six farm animals: a cat, a dog, a rooster, a pig, a cow and a donkey. Miss Judy, the cutest dachshund, has a terrible flu. Rooster Gary was protecting the chicken coop and needs to recover after a fight with a fox. Carlo the Cat has a tummy ache after eating too much fish. Mrs. Pigsley, the lady pig, got a sunburn instead of a nice summer tan. Miss Violet, the lady cow, read books in the dark and now her eyes hurt. Billy the Donkey had way too much candies and he needs to see the dentist. Be their doctor and treat your little patients!

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