Flosstube Broadcast #14 Country Stitchers…While the Cat’s Away THE MICE WILL PLAY!!

Liz responds to the requests of viewers and takes a few minutes to demonstrate her unique method of finishing ‘Just Nan Mice’. The Summer House Stitche Workes Class is Monday and Liz shows the progress on her pre-stitch…and a little something unexpected!

Liz will does finishing work (I do smalls of different sorts). To talk about a specific piece: email me with ‘Finish’ in the subject line at country.stitchers@gmail.com

To Reach us on Instagram:
Deb is at countrycabin.farms

Liz is @ at_home_with_home

Flosstube Broadcast #13 Country Stitchers …LIZ HAS HER SOLO DEBUT NEXT WEEK! Find out why…

With Summer here we are ramping up to the Round Robin…you can still Flock together with us on this quick stitch! A look at Liz and Deb’s current stitch projects! Deb’s on vacation next week….Be sure to tune in for a RARE AND FUN FINISHING DEMO on a *Just Nan* Mouse with Liz…(some of you have been requesting)!!

The Strawberry Toppers and Barnyard Charms can be purchased through Carolina Stitcher: (blogspot)
[She also has a Facebook page]

Round Robin registration should be sent to: country.stitchers@gmail.com

**Full name and address
**The types of fabric you will stitch on when working on the other group pieces:
Linen, Aida or both
**Will you want the Quaker or Primitive border
**Will you stitch your piece in a Portrait or Landscape orientation
**May we share your email address with the members of your group (3 other Stitchers)

**Your registration will be confirmed with a reply email providing you with the address to which you should send your SASE…number 10 envelope with priority mail (first class) postage .

All you need is floss and fabric to your liking, and a desire to meet three new Stitchers. You will stitch your border pattern and motif on your fabric, ( the pattern for both the border and layout you chose we will mailed to you) and then you simply stitch the motif you liked for yours onto the three pieces that come to you. (You will use their floss on their fabric).

General video information:
To Reach us:
Instagram: Deb is at countrycabin.farms https://instagram.com/countrycabin.farms
Liz is at at_home_with_home

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Flosstube Quickie: Our June ‘Sparrow’ Progress

Eldest was at band practice so she missed out on the fun, and Lorinda was sick so she did, too! More videos soon, I promise… life has been crazy here!
Channel: Homesteading on the Homefront
Published: 2018-06-23 01:13:33
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FlossTube LIVE! Stitch Con 2018

Channel: CrossStitchChaos
Published: 2018-06-23 01:31:49
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Demo – Stitching In Hand

I explain why I stitch in-hand, as well as demonstrate my technique on a variety of project sizes. This is just how I stitch. I know this method is not for everyone, but if you want to learn a new method or are just curious, welcome!

Carolyn Mazzeo’s video on parking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zdp4-traCo4

Channel: Stitchin’ Mommy
Published: 2017-02-16 18:57:54
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Flosstube Broadcast #7. The Birth of a Stitcher (a look at her work); Highlights or No Highlights!

After collecting themselves post-retreat, Liz and Deb experience their own Mania!

Frixion highlighters by Pilot
found at Staples and Walmart !

Reach us on instagram:


Liz’s Instagram

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