Every day sphynx cat routine / DonSphynx

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Funny Baby at the Zoo – Cute Baby and Animals
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Cats very curious about the new flowers at home / DonSphynx / #YouTubeRewind

Don Sphynx cats join our family:
The mother – Don Sphynx cat ▪ Pūkė

The daughter – Don Sphynx cat ▪ Bandita

The daughter – Don Sphynx cat▪ Chikita

The Boy Don Sphynx cat ▪ Rango

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Where They Came From…
The Don Spynx is a mostly hairless cat breed of Russian origin. This breed started in 1987 with the discovery of a hairless cat in the Russian city of Rostov-on-Don by cat breeder Elena Kovaleva.

How they looks…
These medium-sized, muscular cats have little to no hair and wrinkled skin. Their feet are oval-shaped with long, slim, webbed toes. Their heads are shaped like a wedge and are flanked by long, large ears and almond-shaped eyes. The eyes can be a variety of colors.

How Friendly Are They?
Don Sphynx are friendly and intelligent, which makes them easy to train. They are also inquisitive, affectionate and social cats who like being around people and other pets — though they might not be friendly to other cats sometimes.

Don sphynx do not do well when left alone for a long time. They demand lots of attention and interaction, so they’re not recommended for anyone getting a cat for the first time or for people who aren’t home for long stretches of time. The cats are very loyal — in fact, their loyalty is often compared to that of dogs.

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LIVE: Pregnant sister feral cats + kittens – TinyKittens.com

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Sphynx cat found a fun play with water / DonSphynx

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The sphynx cat that won’t stop drinking from the vase / stubborn / Don

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