Endangered Tiger Finds A Girlfriend In Effort To Save The Species

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A tiger, named CJ, was introduced to a 2-year-old female friend named Indah at the Los Angeles Zoo. Now zookeepers hope the CJ grows smitten with his new younger companion. The zoo introduced the pair with the intention they would mate because their species, the Sumatran tiger, is endangered. The zoo says the pair is still too young, but could be ready in a year or two should they continue the relationship. Zoo officials believe they are “in the getting to know you” stage of their relationship.

Children Must Wear Gowns And Gloves To Visit Burned Mom In Hospital

The mother of an Ohio woman, who was doused in gasoline and severely burned by her boyfriend in 2015, is breaking her silence. Judy Malinowski, 33, a former beauty queen and mother of two, was deliberately set on fire by her then boyfriend Michael Slager at a gas station outside Cleveland on August 2, 2015. Her mother Bonnie Bowes must put on a gown and gloves when she visits Judy in the ICU. Her daughters, Kaylyn, 12, and Madison, 9, also must put on gowns and gloves to visit their mom.
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Inmate Gave Birth On Jail Floor Claiming Staff Wouldn’t Take Her To Hospital

Surveillance video from inside a Michigan jail shows an inmate giving birth on the floor of her cell, after she claims her requests to go to the hospital were ignored. Jessica Preston says she was arrested for driving with a suspended license and then couldn’t make bond to get released. She was eight months pregnant at the time and says the staff at the Macomb County Jail didn’t believe her when she told them she was in labor.
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Wallendas Perform For First Time Since Tragic Accident, 911 Call Released

Three of the Wallendas performed their high wire act Thursday night in Florida as five of their loved ones recover from a tragic fall that occurred the day before. The performance came as authorities released the 911 calls made from inside the Big Top when the mishap occurred. Returning was an emotional experience for aerialist Nik Wallenda. One of the injured watched from the sidelines on crutches. Wallenda says the accident was triggered when one of the daredevils performing the pyramid fainted.
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How These Women Used Fake Pregnancy Tests To Dupe The Men In Their Lives

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What is intended to be a gag gift has been used by some woman to convince their boyfriends they are having a child. The website FakeABaby.com has everything one needs to fool someone into thinking they are pregnant, but what has followed in some cases is no laughing matter. One young woman named Danielle said her boyfriend was breaking up with her, so she used the website to save the relationship by convincing her boyfriend she was pregnant. “I faked my baby. I faked a pregnancy,” she said.
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Are Some Police Officers Trying To Avoid Tolls By Hiding Their License Plates?

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While tolls help pay for bridges and roads and red lights and speeding cameras keep our streets safer, an Inside Edition investigation has found some law enforcement officers are finding a way to avoid them. A plastic license plate cover allows for a plate to be read head on, but when viewed from an angle, the characters disappear. Inside Edition has found more than 100 vehicles parked in the streets of New York City illegally obscuring their plates.
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