Endangered Species Act Final Essay 3

This video is about Endangered Species Act

GoPro: Lions – The New Endangered Species?

The fifth of the HERO3+ Adventure Series.

The GoPro production crew journeys to Africa to explore the danger and beauty of Kevin Richardson’s passions for lions and their future.

Shot 100% on the HD HERO3+® camera from ‪http://GoPro.com.

For more information on Lion Conservation, please visit: http://www.lionwhisperer.co.za/index.php/conservation/captivity

Ancient Mariner “Child of Wrath”

Typhoon “Summer Home”

Half Moon Run “Call Me In The Afternoon”

Insightful “A Horse’s Soul”

DJI Phantom (http://www.dji.com/product/phantom/)
Sail Video System (http://www.sailvideosystem.com)


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Trio Eagle Cam Stewards of the Upper Mississippi River Refuge Live Stream

Welcome to the Trio Bald Eagle Nest that is located in the backwaters of the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge near Lock and Dam 13, Fulton IL on the Mississippi River.

This Trio consists of two males and one female (Valor 1, Valor II and Starr). History, Frequently Asked Questions and Updated information can be found by visiting
http://stewardsumrr.org/webcams/bald-eagle-nest-cam-live-1/ and be sure to follow us on face book if you haven’t done so yet.
Currently our website is down and are working on getting it back up as soon as we can.

This project is in partnership with US Corps of Engineers, US Fish and Wildlife Service and JCWifi. However we need your help. If you want to help keep our camera’s rolling please go to our webcam page and click on Donate with Paypal.

2019 Nesting season is going well. Below are the dates in which each one was hatched. The pantry is always full with a variety of fish, fowl and an occasional muskrat and turtle.
FAQ – What is the bright light at night? This is an infrared camera that allows us to see them. They don’t know its there.

E1- Hatched March 27, 2019
E2 – Hatched March 29, 2019
E3 – Hatched April 1, 2019

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Duke Farms Eagle Cam

Live Eagle Cam on Duke Farms in Hillsborough, NJ. For those unfamiliar with YouTube Live – You can rewind the live feed! So if you miss some action in the nest, use the scroll to go back and check it out! No audio, sorry.

Egg 1 was laid at 3:14 p on 2/20/2019, hatched on 3/30/19 at 7:59 am
Egg 2 was laid at 5:40 p on 2/23/2019, hatched on 3/31/19 at 11:50 am

FAQ’s are found here: https://dukefarms.org/making-an-impact/eagle-cam/eaglecam-faq/

Link to a short, informative video on banding: https://vimeo.com/90368595

Link to live banding video from 2014 (long and real-time; 1 hour 40 minutes): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fucexaAm77Y

Duke Farms Eagles E-Book, by Jim Wright: https://dukefarms.org/siteassets/documents/making-an-impact/eagle-cam/eagle-e-book.pdf

Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey Bald Eagle Project: http://www.conservewildlifenj.org/protecting/projects/baldeagle/

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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – Teaser

Every generation has a legend. Watch the brand-new teaser for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.
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Jail Cell Cold Open – SNL

A group of prisoners (Kate McKinnon, Kenan Thompson, Pete Davidson, Chris Redd, Michael Keaton, Kyle Mooney) discuss why they got arrested.

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