Endangered ili pikas captured on camera

Mouse or rabbit? High-definition infrared cameras catch a glimpse of the elusive ili pikas for the first time in China’s Xinjiang.

Ili Pika:Unbelievably Cute Mammal With Teddy Bear Face Rediscovered

More than 20 years after its discovery, the rare Ili pika was spotted in the mountains of Xingiang northwestern China.
Read Full Story:http://www.cosmostv.org/2015/03/ili-pikaunbelievably-cute-mammal-with.html
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China makes another breakthrough in its ambitious high-speed rail project

Already boasting the world’s largest high-speed rail network, China has made another stride. The country’s self-developed ballastless track has got the approval from experts and is being used for a new high-speed railway line which links east China’s Shandong to central China’s Henan.
Channel: New China TV
Published: 2018-06-20 06:31:06
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Arjin: Tibetan Secret Land

An expanse of desert at an elevation of 4000 meters
It looks almost like an enormous sand dune floating on water
It is a natural beauty created by the harsh environment
This is the Arjin Mountain Nature Reserve
The region is home to some of the world’s most precious animals…
Channel: Lost and Found
Published: 2016-08-13 10:33:52
Duration: 48M18S
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Infrared camera captures first high-definition footage of Ili Pika in northwest China

This is the first time an infrared camera has captured high-definition footage of the Ili Pika, a rare pika species endemic to Tianshan Mountain. The Ili Pika was included in the 2008 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. The volunteers who placed the infrared cameras in the protected area last winter went back to collect data and images from Tuesday to Sunday.

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American Pikas Calling Out ~ Cute Animals in Nature

American Pikas (Ochotona princeps) calling out in Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park, British Columbia. Much of this footage was integrated into an episode of Daily Planet on Discovery Channel Canada in October of 2012.
Channel: Wandering Sole Images
Published: 2011-11-13 03:30:46
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