Dry Dog Food Recall – toxic Levels Of Vitamin D



Must Hear: Deborah Tavares On Mind Control Frequencies Being Used

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Anderson, SC: Assaults Intensifying, Leading To Social Breakdown, & Here Are Some Causes

Are you witnessing the same conditions in your area?
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The Holy Grail of Who Runs and Controls All; Part I MUST SEE and Share

Huge credit and thank you to Zeusian Revelations.
Please cache and save this most important information

The Holy Grail of Who Rules and Controls All. Part II. MUST SEE and Share

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All the Signs That You’re Not Drinking Enough Water

More than half the world’s population suffers from dehydration without even realizing that this can lead to serious health problems.
Watch the video till the end to learn the ways in which dehydration can have negative effects and a simple way to check your level of dehydration in 5 seconds.

What will happen if you don’t drink enough water 0:45
Your mouth is dry 1:36
Your skin is dry 2:11
You’re very thirsty 2:44
Your eyes are dry 3:20
You have joint pain 3:45
Your muscle mass decreases 4:12
You stay sick longer 4:46
You feel fatigued and lethargic 5:21
You experience hunger pangs 5:48
You have digestive problems 6:19
You experience premature aging 6:53
A quick test to check your level of dehydration 7:43
10 signs of light levels of dehydration 8:14
10 signs of severe dehydration 8:44

10 signs of light levels of dehydration:
• Thirst
• Dry mouth
• Tiredness
• Worried and irritable
• Dark yellow urine, fewer toilet breaks (keep in mind that a healthy person urinates 6-7 times a day)
• Dry skin
• Dizziness
• Bad breath
• Headache
• Muscle cramps

10 signs of severe dehydration:
• Excessive thirst
• Faster heartbeat
• Loss of consciousness
• Faster breathing
• Hollow stare
• Low pressure
• Extremely dry skin
• Strong dizziness
• No sweating even in hot weather
• Very dark urine, very few toilet breaks

If you recognize any of these signs in yourself, go and drink a glass of H2O straight away!

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I had an idea one day to take a look at my skin with a UV flashlight, not knowing what I might find. Needless to say, I was not too happy with what I saw. A UV flashlight will allow you to see these nano fibers, that glow orange and blue. I highly recommend using a UV flashlight to check your skin daily and remove any glowing fibers you might see. Then move away from where you are, because they will gravitate right back towards your body! These fibers really are very “smart!”
HerbsPlusBeadWorks :https://youtu.be/M7QCVhltV4Y
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