Dog’s Adoption Photoshoot Had Everyone Fall In Love With Him

While most posts of the adoptable pets at San Francisco Animal Care & Control (SFACC) tend to get a fairly modest amount of likes and shares on social media channels, this pooch named Carpe Diem has recently stolen everyone’s hearts as his awkward pics were shared a few days ago by the rescue.

A Boy Was Walking By A Lake And Noticed Something Odd NOBODY Expected It To Be This

Just a few short years ago, a local boy was walking by Lake Kurtna Matasjarv. He noticed tracks leading into the lake, but not coming out anywhere. The lake was too small for boating or anything like that and located in the middle of nowhere. He knew that there was no good reason for those tracks being there which heightened his curiosity. For two months, he saw air bubbles emerging from this lake. After some investigation, a team started to probe deeper into the mysterious clues surrounding the lake. What they pulled from Lake Kurtna Matasjarv is nothing short of absolutely amazing.

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What Happens When A Wild Wolf Approaches A Dog

Despite their incredible beauty and obvious similarities to our domestic companions, just about everyone knows that wolves are not to be messed with in any way.

But in 2004, Alaskan wildlife photographer Nick Jans and his labrador encountered a wolf in their backyard – and began a relationship that would defy logic and transform an entire community
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Sometimes our brain sees things in two different ways. We found the best 12 illusions to test your brain, just try to see them from a different angle!

What do you see?


● 9 Simple Questions That Reveal Your True Personality

● 10 Signs That You Are Highly Intelligent

● How Good Are Your Eyes? Solve This In 10 Seconds!

● You’re Probably A Genius If You Have These Problems

● Can You Find The Hidden Bear? 90% Will Fail

● 10 Signs You Are A Genius (That Have Nothing To Do With Intelligence)

Ambiguous illusions that will test your brain are pictures or objects illusions that generally present the viewer with a mental choice of two interpretations, each of which is valid.

Often, the viewer sees only one of them, and only realizes the second, valid, interpretation after some time or prompting. When they attempt to simultaneously see the second and first interpretations, they suddenly cannot see the first interpretation anymore, and no matter how they try, they just cannot encompass both interpretations simultaneously – one occludes the other. The Necker cube is a well known example; another instance is the Rubin vase.


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Owner Dumped Puppy in The Vet Whilst Her Body Suffered With Full of Fluid – Watch Her Happy Ending!

A lovely puppy has been dumped on Dr. Votha whilst he was at lunch and upon his return he found poor puppy in his clinic with her body full of fluid, no owner in sight.

After it has had its fluids drained by Dr Buntha twice, first time around almost 1 litre, second time around 500 ml.

Dr. Trish informed that the puppy has a massive liver and needs operation which can go either way as the blood vessels are not going where they are meant to go.

After operated the puppy was wagging her tail even already walking and the liver needs to start working by itself.

Their ehrlichiosis treatment is still ongoing and stomach fluids are splendid they continue to go slowly but surely off the medication still some weeks to go for tickborne disease though.

She will be full recovery and good health…

Courtesy: Nicole Kramer

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Dog Found Stuck In A Barn Looks Brand New After Getting 35 Pounds Of Fur Shaved Off

Dog Found Stuck In A Barn Looks Brand New After Getting 35 Pounds Of Fur Shaved Off

Stories of animals being neglected absolutely terrify me.

When hearing about Lazarus the dog, I couldn’t believe this poor dog had been forgotten for so long.

When Lazarus was rescued from the barn he’d been trapped in, there was so much dirt and feces blocking the barn’s door, it needed to be shoveled away.


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