Dog (Kuyu) fall in 230 foot (70 Meters) water well saved 10 days later.

Famous Turkish dog type Kangal fall in 230 foot (70 meters) deep water
well. Firefighters and all other rescue teams tried to save him days.
Highschool students made robotic arm to save dog from deep well. They
have managed to save the dog 10 days later. Rescue team named dog as
“Kuyu”. Which means water well or pit. Good job.
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Yavru köpek “Kuyu” canlı yayında! – ATV Ana Haber

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Puppy rescued: Dog stuck in 230ft deep Istanbul well freed after 11 days of torment – TomoNews

ISTANBUL — The delicate life of a 3-month-old puppy stuck down a well brought all of Turkey together, praying and working tirelessly for his rescue.

As reported by the Daily Sabah news outlet in Istanbul, the pit was reportedly drilled 11 days ago by local government in the Beykoz district of the city. Somehow, the puppy slipped his way through the tiny well, which measured less than a foot in width, and tumbled nearly 230 feet down.

Locals heard the puppy’s cries, and sent for a rescue team to get him out. They threw sausages in to keep him fed, and managed to lower a night vision camera down to keep an eye on him. They also dropped chew toys down carrying the scent of the young dog’s mother.

Watching over him from a screen above ground, day and night, municipal workers and animal activists tried different methods of bringing the pup back up. Students at a local high school even employed a robotic arm they’d designed in a relentless display of determination to free the small pooch. After 11 days of failed attempts, a state-owned mining company stepped in and dropped down a long, long lasso. They managed to slide it around the dog’s neck, and slowly, carefully pull him all the way back up to surface level.

Miraculously, the dog was okay, and didn’t lose any weight during his time underground. After being checked out by veterinarians, the local fire department decided to adopt him. His rescuers have since named him “Kuyu,” which in Turkish means “well.”


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Yavru Köpek 70 Metrelik Kuyuda 6 Gündür Mahsur

Yavru Kopek 70 Metrelik Kuyuda 6 Gundur Mahsur
Beykoz’da 70 metrelik su kuyusuna duşen yavru kopeğin kurtarılması icin calışmalar suruyor. 6 gun once duşen kopeğin kurtarılması icin itfaiye ekipleri seferber oluyor.
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Yavru köpek için seferber oldular

İstanbul Beykoz’da 8 gun once sondaj icin acılan 70 metre derinliğindeki kuyuya duşen yavru kopeği kurtarma calışmaları devam ediyor. Kopeğin, bir insanın giremeyeceği kadar dar olan kuyudan kurtarılmasına calışılıyor. Yavru kopeğe sadece yaşayabileceği kadar yemek ve su veriliyor.
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