DIY cat toy |collab with Cookie And His Crew|

Dont for get to check out cookie and his crew.

cookie and his crew

Cat meeting the puppies for the first time.

Floki the cat meeting Marley & Luna for the first. Just a day later they are already playing with each other.

NEW VIDEO of them playing in the snow!

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Cats in Full Panic Mode!

Watching our favorite felines get startled is pretty amusing so I dedicated a compilation to just that! There’s cats that get scared, cats that get terrified and horrified, pranked, or those that are simply scardy cats! Some of them try to set a new record in how high or how far they jump with the hair on their back standing straight up. Others do a little burn out in one spot before speeding off. And of course there are some kittens as well! They weren’t spared the scare. A whole lot of cats getting scared in this compilation, some old favorites, and some new feats. Enjoy the show!
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Couple Share Studio Flat With A Cougar | BEAST BUDDIES

MEET the brave couple that share their home with a playful two-year-old COUGAR. In 2016, Alexandr Dmitriev and his wife, Mariya, decided to adopt a young cougar called Messi and raise him as a house-pet in their small, studio apartment in Penza, Russia. Messi follows a strict grooming routine to ensure he doesn’t make too much of a mess around the house – he gets washed in the bath, has his nails trimmed, his teeth checked and he receives a special brush-down every day. The big cat eats twice a day with a diet consisting of turkey, beef, a bit of chicken breast and some bones. And with a growing social media following of 250,000 on Instagram and more than 2 million views on YouTube, Messi has become a local celebrity.
To follow Messi’s journey, visit:

Video Credits:
Videographer / director: Александр Крутенков
Producer: Danny Baggott, Ruby Coote
Editor: Sonia Estal

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मोर नृत्य Peacock Dance Complete 2:20 & Screams High Quality HD, Pfau schlägt Rad , by Ute Neumerkel

Peacock dance मोर नृत्य filmed by Ute Neumerkel in the very near position of a female peacock. There were moments where some of the peacock’s feathers touched me! [DEUTSCH unten] After low clicks (at the very beginning), screaming resp. mating calls, cleaning, jumping and flattering his wings the male blue peacock starts with its wonderful dance for one female peacock 2:17, more than three minutes! Only very few seconds are lacking, the moments I needed to change or stabilize my difficult squatting position. The female peacock, unfortunately, did not seem to appreciate the performance, so was it for me in reality? Anyway it was great luck that I was able to film the first and so far only peacock dance I ever saw, in a close up shot position. Species: Indian peafowl or blue peafowl / peacock / Pavo cristatus

* More animal films with music by Film Studio Ute Neumerkel:…
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~~~~~ Pfauen-Rad vollstandig in der Position des Weibchens gefilmt. Zeitweise haben mich Federn des Rads beruhrt! Nachdem der Pfau mehrmals ruft, sich putzt, springt und mit den Flugeln flattert, schlagt der mannliche blaue Pfau fur ein Weibchen sein Rad 2:17, uber 3 Minuten lang! [ENGLISH see above] Nur ganz wenige Sekunden, in denen ich meine anstrengende Position in der Hocke verandern oder stabilisieren musste, fehlen. Das Pfauen-Weibchen war leider nicht erkennbar beeindruckt von der groszartigen Vorstellung – galt sie womoglich mir? Jedenfalls war es ein Glucksfall, das ich das einzige Pfauen-Rad, das ich bisher gesehen habe, gleich aus nachster Nahe relativ ungestort filmen konnte. Ganz am Anfang sind Klicklaute des Pfaus zu horen.
* Weitere Tierfilme mit Musik vom Filmatelier Ute Neumerkel:…
* Uber das Filmatelier Ute Neumerkel:…

Channel: Filmatelier UteNeumerkel
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10 Unique Animals You Won’t Believe Exist

10 strange and amazing animals that you have probably never heard of. Nature is truly full of surprises!
We live in the twenty-first century, and all continents have already been discovered, all secrets of our planet revealed, all mountain peaks conquered. Just when you think you have seen it all, some new bizarre creature makes an appearance instantly restoring your faith in the impossible!

Mangalitsa Pig, a.k.a. “a pig in sheep’s clothing” 0:50
Rhinopithecus or golden snub-nosed monkey 1:33
Emperor tamarin 2:13
Patagonian Mara 3:04
Fluffy cow 3:52
Markhor Goat 4:44
Raccoon dog 5:23
Blue Footed Booby 6:25
Malayan Colugo 7:13
Venezuelan Poodle Moth 8:09
BONUS 8:56

– The birthplace of this curly-haired pig is Hungary where it was discovered in the mid-19th century. Due to the fleece covering this animal, it resembles a sheep, therefore, such a name!
– The name of this species is roxellana, and there is a story behind it. It is believed that they were called this way after the supposedly snub-nosed courtesan of Suleiman the Magnificent (a 16th century Sultan of the Ottoman Empire).
– They were called like this because of the resemblance of their mustache to that of German Emperor Wilhelm II.
– Patagonia Mara is the fourth largest rodent on our planet. There are several interesting facts about them. Females often put offsprings into creches for safety.
– Fluffy cows are looked after by people whose work is to wash, dry and use products to style these animals, so they look as fluffy as they do! It is necessary to maintain them daily, and it will take months of regular grooming until they get this lovely look of kids toys.
– If you see a creature which looks as if it’s trying to catch an alien radio signal from space, it’s most likely Markhor Goat. They can grow as long as 6 ft from head to tail!
– If you can’t decide if you want to have a dog or a raccoon as a pet, we have just the thing for you – raccoon dog! Despite having raccoon-like markings on their fur, they are not very closely related to the North American raccoon.
– Blue Footed Booby are to catch your eye if you ever visit the Galapagos Islands. They can look a bit clumsy and comical on land, but they are excellent at flying and swimming.
– Colugo has a large gliding membrane (like a flying squirrel), and they can glide for long distances between trees standing far apart.
– Even if the Poodle Moth may look as if it lives in Antarctica with all this fur, in fact, it comes from Venezuela, a tropical country. Its hairs don’t serve for heating.

Cloud Antelope! This species lives in the clouds (that’s why such a name)! Its bright blue fur is the reflection of cloudless blue skies in the area of its habitat. Its diet consists of sun rays and candies…

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