DCA Wildcats Episode 83 | “The True Standard”

Pure Engagement was one of the most shocking mega events in recent memory. And in many fans opinions, in was for two reasons: the main event, and the events afterward. After Sakura Hagiwara defeated Lara Croft in what many call the best women’s match in recent memory, another legend came out to confront her…and it was “The True Standard”. Ami Mizuno arrived in a DCA ring, stared down Sakura, and then proceeded to nail her with the Mercury Stunner. Tonight, Ami will start the show to talk about her actions…and why she’s in DCA.

Other than that, this show is a complete mystery. We don’t know any matches that are planned. We don’t know what else is going to happen, and with the Road to Revelations 4 in full swing, almost any and everything can and probably will happen.

This may be one of the most unpredictable episodes of the season, so why should you miss it?! Check it out!

RCCW Refuse to Lose (Part 3/3)

I will never, NEEEEEEEEVER EVER again make a 4 hour long video EVER again unless it’s a livestream! THIS was a pain in the tail end to edit, commentate and process! With that out of the way, here is the PROPER introduction!

Refuse to Lose’s grand finale is finally here! And what a stacked finale it is!

– By demand of the Queens of Strong Style, their Co-Op Championships are on the line against 5 other teams in a gauntlet match!

– Lucy Loud looks to add the Women’s World Championship to her mysterious quest to slay the “Tyrant Queen”. But in order to claim it, she must dethrone the champion Twilight Sparkle!

– A rematch right from Grim-A-Mania III takes place with the RCCW World Championship on the line! Champion Giant Leather looks to prove himself against his old rival and challenger Vlad Drago in a match that screams “Monster Mash”!

– Timmy Turner has proved himself to be quite the champion on the Road to Refuse to Lose. But now it’s put up or shut up time as he defends his title against the former champion Dipper Pines in a Glorious Domination Match!

– First Blood, Falls Count Anywhere and Ladder. Those are the 3 Stages of Hell that await the Warrior’s Champion Sami Callihan and the #1 Contender Tommy Salami in the Main Event! Can Tommy Salami be the hero we need in this dark hour or will oVe continue to hold onto what is our’s!?

– Plus: Rick C freaking the freak out at every twist and turn! So much so he’s gonna need a snack, drink, cuddle and nap when it’s all said and done!

That madness and more to come as Refuse to Lose comes to a long, long, long, agonizingly long climax!

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DCA Pure Engagement 2018

Tonight, DCA Wrestling (and more specifically its Wildcats Division) returns to The Land of the Rising Sun for the fist time since Proving Ground 3 last year! And there is a stacked show in store as well! This includes Aubrey Williams defending the DCA Wildcats Championship against Amber Stevens, Reiko HInomoto, and Juri Sanada in a Fatal-4-Way Match, and for the first time ever, “The New Standard” Sakura Hagiwara will go one-on-one with the legendary Tomb Raider, Lara Croft! It promises to be a night that no one will ever forget TONIGHT at Pure Engagement!
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DCA Takedown Episode 95 | “Contenders”

This episode of DCA Takedown promises to be one of the most explosive ones yet as we head toward the historic 100th episode of Takedown! Not only is the cloud of whether DWall will return to the company that he built still lingering from CCL’s Big 100, but tonight, we have more questions that will be answered.

One of these questions is the matter of who will challenge Aaron Andersen for the DCA World Heavyweight Championship at the big event. Since Calvin Richardson is seemingly out of the picture, four men will now face off for the right to not only snap the Ironman’s undefeated streak, but become the top man in DCA in the process! But who will be the one to make it one step closer?

Also tonight, we will see another Fatal-4-Way contender’s match, except this one will be for the right to challenge JC Wolfe for the Celestial Championship at Takedown 100. While JC is recovering from his Big 100 Hell in a Cell Match, he now awaits who will challenge him for his title.

Also, DCA owner Balalaika promised to announce who Edward Elric would defend “his” ACW Excel Championship against at Takedown 100. But who is “The General” going to choose at his opponent?

All of this and more comes your way tonight on DCA Takedown!

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DCA Wildcats Episode 80 | “Redeemed”

Coming off of a very controversial DCA Redemption, Wildcats is now on the road to Pure Engagement, the next mega event for the division. And although she retained the Wildcats Championship, Juri Sanada is not happy with how her match with Amber Stevens ended. Not only that, but she also has had Sakura Hagiwara on her mind, after the confrontation they had a few nights ago. Juri is set to address both her and Aubrey Williams, who interrupted the title match at Redemption, on tonight’s show.

Also on this episode, the new Rising Star Champion Jade Storm will be in action as she takes on the debuting Yukiko Abari. Yukiko has been waiting since the Joshi Showcase at Queens of Wrestling 3 to get a chance on Wildcats, and now she has that against the 2 Time Rising Star Champion. Will she pull out an upset, or will Jade rise to the occasion again?

Finally, with Ovanna not appearing this week, Juliet Starling will be in singles action against a vengeful Allison Simone. Allison has felt overlooked for a long while and has been on a downward slump as of late. But will she be able to change her fortunes with a win tonight, or will Juliet press forward with the resurgence of her career?

All of this plus we will here from the NEW Fever Champion Selena Zeda and we will hear Maya’s explanation for her shocking actions again Carmen Cortez at Redemption tonight on DCA Wildcats!

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DCA Redemption 2018 Part 2

Last year, Redemption shocked the Virtual Wrestling world, and kept our name on everyone’s lips for months on end. On Friday, August 10th, 2018, we look to do it again. The Destiny Championship Alliance presents the most dangerous, violent, and shocking nights on its calendar, DCA Redemption from the Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix, AZ! Every championship on the main DCA roster will be on the line, and blood feuds will reach a boiling point. What can we expect from this years Redemption event after the shocks, surprises, and violence of last years? Find out TONIGHT!!!

Part 2 Match Card:
DCA Tag Team Championship: The Samoan Kill Squad vs. Malik Brown and Dante Styles (3:05)
Caleb Blair vs. Malik Brown (26:00)
DCA Fever Championship: Selena Zeda vs. Rias Gremory vs. Jessica Lewis (31:42)
DCA Goddess Championship: Dani Gibbons vs. Celeste Amira (58:40)
Queens of Wrestling Championship: Carmen Cortez vs. AKIRA (1:33:19)

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