Day in the Life w/a CORGI Dog || Life After College: Ep. 600

To Celebrate 600 Vlogs, I throw it back to our full day in the life vlog. Enjoy everything we do including: Corgi Dog Routine, Aquarium Routine, Cooking Meals, Exercise, Cleaning, and More!

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– Morning Routine with Corgi & Ukulele (Lean on me)
– Making Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs, Bagel, Bacon, and Papaya
– Corgi’s Flea and Tick Medication
– Giveaway & T-shirt SALE (15% off use code “GATSBY”) at
– Going to the vet to get the Dog Flu Vaccination
– Cleaning apartment with Neato Robot Vacuum Cleaner:
– Gym Workout in Strong Lift Wear Gear
– Grocery Shopping Haul for Dinner Food
— Naked Mass Protein Supplement:
— Gatsby Moving Rubber Hair Product:
– Marinating Chicken in Island Teriyaki Sauce for Dinner
– Meeting with Shawnsecrets ( to grab Smitten Ice Cream and Amazon Book Store
– Saltwater Reef Aquarium Feeding Mysis Shrimp to fish and Corals PLUS New Coral: Yuma, Ricordea, and Clove Polyp Corals
– Gatsby Exercising with Jack the Frenchie (French Bulldog) at the Google Campus Park
– Making Teriyaki Chicken Yakitori Shish-kabob grilled on the BBQ with onions, Shichimi Pepper, and Lemon
– Corgi’s Dinner of Green Tripe
– Looking back at Episode 1
– Trying a 7-Up Cake
– Night Routine with a Corgi

CORGI Trying Homemade Pizza (Dog-Friendly Gourmet) || Life After College: Ep. 595

Baked my Corgi a Dog-Friendly Gourmet Pizza with Cauliflower crust, roasted red bell pepper sauce, and vegan cheese! ALSO: Trying Korean Soft Drinks,Taking a Tour of Corgi Community College (aka Stanford University), and Aquarium Update!




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– Making a Gourmet Pizza for Dogs
– Grocery Shopping for Ingredients: Cauliflower, red bell peppers, vegan cheese, italian sausage, pepperoni
– Cauliflower Pizza Crust Recipe (source:
– Sweating Roasted Red Bell Peppers
– Corgi Eats Pizza Taste Test
– Revealing where Gatsby was hiding in Finding Corgi Segment
– Weird Corgi Positions
– Corgi Community College aka Stanford University Tour
– Red Sea Max Saltwater Aquarium Update & Water Change
– Chest Workout Routine in Strong Lift Wear
– Grocery Shopping at Korean Supermarket
– Bibimbap Dinner to go
– Trying Korean Drinks (Banana Milk, Milkis, and Orange Juice) and Honey Butter Chips with Shawnsecrets (
– Nick tries the Drinks too
– Reading fan Mail with Shawn too!
– Corgi On Fleek Calendar Sale

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Surprising My Dog w/a Corgi Puppy! (Doesn’t go well) || Life After College: Ep. 588

Meet Tater Tot, a Corgi Puppy from the same breeder as Gatsby! He’s 12 weeks old and ready to surprise Gatsby! See his reaction. ALSO: Corgi does the agility course at Bay Area K9, Testing out Martha Stewart’s One-Pot Pasta, and so much more!




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My buddy at Bay Area K9 let Gatsby and me use his agility course to film:

– Gatsby the Corgi Does Not Approve of the Corgi Puppy
– Morning walk with Gatsby
– Two Egg Yolks
– Green Tripe Dry Dog Food from Canada
– Corgi in his Toys
– Talking to Pikachu on my Amazon Alexa Echo Dot
– Doing a Mewtwo Raid
– Grabbing a Steve Jobs Sandwich from Ike’s
– Corgi Catches ball in slomo
– Back workout in Physique Bodyware Hoodie
– Primal Raw Dog Food
– Corgi Doing the Agility Course at Bay Area K9
– Aquarium Update: Protein Skimmer
– Visiting my friend Nick at the candy store
– Testing/Cooking Martha Stewart’s One-Pot Pasta:
– Pokemon Battle on the Switch with Shawnsecrets (
– Ranking the Oscar Academy Awards Movies of 2017

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Homeless German Shepherd cries like a human! I have never heard anything like this!!!

This week HOPE FOR PAWS is celebrating TEN YEARS!!! Please join this rescue celebration with a small donation so we can open our new decade strongly:

Special thanks to our friends at LoveJoy foundation for fostering Rain and for handling her adoption:

Rain was scared and expressed it in a way that I have never heard in my life! Her cry was heartbreaking, and I am so happy that Carey Linnell called Hope For Paws and asked for help.

Her ears were eaten by flies, her coat was filthy, and I can’t imagine what caused her to be so fearful.

Loreta Frankonyte was able to secure her, calm her down, and I initiated the first contact while Loreta was ready to pull her away from me if needed. Rain never did anything aggressive, she allowed me to touch her and along with Carey, we gained her trust and got her into the crate and from there to the hospital.

The next day, Loreta and I met our friend Allison Dunbar on a rescue of a dog named Monkey. After the rescue we headed to the hospital to clean him up, and at the hospital, Allison met Rain and fell in love!

A few days later, after a short recovery and a little bit of training with the Lovejoy Foundation, Allison, Kyle and Ernie came to visit Rain again, and the way to the adoption application was short 🙂

Rain was renamed Sassy Pants Dunbar, and she just LOVES her new life!

We really need your help so we can save more lives, so if you enjoy our videos, please donate $5 and help us change the world of these animals.

Thank you so much!!!


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Cutest Corgi Compilation 2018 | Best Funny Corgi Videos Ever

Funny Pet Videos presents a brand new weekly compilation featuring the funniest corgi videos, clips, outtake, bloopers and moments caught on tape.

Funny Pet Videos brings you the best cute animal compilations, try not to laugh challenges, fails, wins, and hilarious viral videos. We feature dogs, cats, horses, pigs, lions, lizards, rodents, bugs, spiders, tigers, kittens, puppies, squirrels, foxes, and more in the best new dank memes, funny clips, and you laugh you lose challenges and create collective of funny pets, life awesome moments, and epic wins.

Not content with only one platform, we’re committed to montages from Vine, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Musically. Sit back and enjoy a veritable fail army: kids fails, animal fails, girl fails, trampoline fails, car fails, on the job fails, old people fails, school fails, water fails, prank fails and pranks gone wrong, and more!

Not convinced? Check out some of our greatest hits below!

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Our channel features content from: America’s Funniest Home Videos, Storyful, Launch Pad Entertainment LPE, VVUK, People Doing Things, and more!

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Corgi Tries In-N-Out Burger Dog Menu || Life After College: Ep. 589

I take Gatsby to In-N-Out Burger to try the dog-friendly menu item for his 4th anniversary “Gotcha day.” ALSO: puppy dog comparison to 4 year old dog timelapse, Giveaway, best unnecessary items for dog owners, Korean Street Food Honey Garlic Butter Shrimp, and More!

[CORGI MERCH SALE & GIVEAWAY] Use Coupon Code “GATSBY” for 15% off at



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– Getting In-N-Out Burger Dog-Friendly order
– Corgi Eats a burger for his 4th anniversary
– Celebrating 4 years of Gatsby the Corgi with Timelapse and Ukulele Your Song
– Hiking Mori Point in Pacifica for the Annual Gotcha Hike
– Beautiful Views of the Ocean, Watermelon Hike, and climbing the stairs
– Grabbing In-N-Out
– Top 5 Unnecessary Products that Make your life owning a dog So much easier
– Dog Poop Bags from Amazon:
– Chuck It Dog Ball Thrower Launcher:
– LED Dog Collars (use code “GATSBY” for 30% off)
– Hoover Carpet Steam Cleaner:
– Neato Botvac Robot Vacuum Cleaner:
– Chest Bodybuilding Workout in Strong Lift Wear
– Opening some Fan Mail from Singapore, Sweden, Ireland, and Brooklyn NY
– Trying Singaporean Salted Egg Chips
– Grocery Shopping Haul at Sprouts
– Cooking Butter Garlic Honey Shrimp for Dinner (Recipe:
– Grabbing Smitten Ice Cream & Salted Egg Chips with Shawnsecrets ( and OhBoyItsNick (
– Giveaway and Sale at Celebrating our 4th Anniversary!

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