Cuddly Animals That Will Keep You Warm This Winter: Cute Animal Compilation | The Dodo Best Of

Here are some of our favorite cuddly pets that will keep you feeling warm through the winter! Featuring:

Adorable Cow Gets Cuddles | To sponsor the ongoing care of Salvador the cow, you can support the Equality Sanctuary:

Kittens Sleep Together In Their Own Bed | These kittens love to fall asleep in each other’s arms. For more of these cuddly kitties, check them out on Instagram:

Rescued Goat Cuddles Favorite Stuffed Animal | To sponsor the ongoing care of Jasmine the rescued goat, you can support the Equality Sanctuary (Santuario Igualdad):

Sweet Dog With Speckled Nose Needs A Family To Cuddle | For more information on adopting Penny and to see more of her adventures in foster, visit:

Piglet Abandoned In The Cold Loves Her New Blankets
To help support Piper the pig’s family and their rescue work, please visit: Follow Piper and her pig siblings on Instagram:

Protective Dog Makes Himself Into A Blanket For His Baby | Credit: ViralHog

Baby Bat Burritos | To support bat conservation, you can help the Australian Bat Clinic & Wildlife Trauma Centre:

Baby Monkeys Can’t Get Enough Cuddling | Video by: Indiana Salome Merali To help support the ongoing care of these baby monkeys, please visit Wildlife SOS: Follow them on Facebook for updates on their conservation work:…

Pig Cuddles with Cat Best Friend | Check out this adorable spotted little pig on Instagram:

Kangaroos Loves To Hug Her New Best Friend | Credit: Viralhog

Rescue Squirrel Gets Ready For Bed
Enjoy a cuteness overload with Jill the rescued squirrel on Instagram:

Rescue Dog Gets Her Very Own Blanket
If you’re ready to provide Lupine with her forever home, please visit her adoption page at the Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA:

Rescued Farm Animals Snuggle With Their Favorite Person | You can follow these animals’ happy new lives at Norma’s Universe sanctuary: Click here to learn how you can support their ongoing care:

Widow Gets Fluffy New Best Friend
Footage provided by Caters TV:

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For the love of animals. Pass it on.

Animals Thankful For Being Rescued and Loved Compilation | The Dodo Best Of

These amazing animals – from dogs, cats, donkeys, and even sharks – couldn’t be more grateful for being rescued and loved. Find out how to keep up or support these thankful pets in the description below! Happy Thanksgiving!

Kitten Is So Grateful For Her New ‘Mom’ And Siblings | To support Nebula the kitten and her puppy friends while they get ready for their forever homes, you can supply Dallas Animal Services with an item from their Amazon Wishlist: Follow them on Facebook for adoption updates:

Pup Found Locked In Basement Gets To Be A Regular Dog Now | To help more dogs like Boden find their forever home, you can support Rescue Dogs Rock NYC: Keep up with Boden’s happy new life on Facebook:

Goat Loves To Show Her Rescuers How Grateful She Is | To sponsor the ongoing care of Chloe the rescued goat, you can support Woodstock Farm Sanctuary:

Donkeys abandoned in shed are so grateful for their new home | To sponsor Timmy and Tommy’s ongoing care, you can support The Donkey Sanctuary:

Dog stuck in gate is so grateful rescuers arrived | To help these rescuers save more dogs, you can support Animal Aid Unlimited:

Donkey Waited In Field For Someone To Come And Rescue Him | To help these rescuers save more animals like Veeru the donkey, you can support Animal Aid Unlimited:

Mother Pig Is So Happy That Her Family Is Free | To help sponsor the ongoing care of Hope Apple Blossom and her piglets, you can support the Dean Farm Animal Sanctuary: Special thanks to Viva UK:

Horse Thanks His Friend’s Rescuer | If you’d like to support horse rescues like these, please visit Four Paws International:

Gorilla Who’d Been Shot Is So Grateful To Be Safe | To sponsor the ongoing care of Shufai the rescued gorilla, you can support Ape Action Africa: Special thanks to the Great Primate Handshake:

Dog Thanks The Firefighter Who Saved Him | Video footage provided by:

Bull Saved From Bullfighting Loves His Rescuer | To sponsor the ongoing care of Fadjen, you can support the Association Fadjen Taureau Anti Corrida: Follow his new life on YouTube:

Shark Thanks Diver For Saving Her Life | Video by: Keith Dorsch

Animals Who Are Thankful For Each Other | Video by: Maggie McCarthy

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For the love of animals. Pass it on.

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Thanksgiving Story for Kids
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Cats demanding petting Compilation

Cute cats doing what they can do best demanding stuff – in this case they want to get some attention from their two legged butler.

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DIY VIRAL REVERSIBLE PLUSHIE!!! Owl & Penguin Sock Plush – Cute Budget Xmas Gift Ideas

♥ NEW!! Get my T-SHIRTS here! ♥
♥ DIY Sock Plush Sewing Techniques ♥
I actually bought the socks to make this owl plushie in 2015! There were lots of requests for a penguin plushie as well so I decided to combine both together and came up with this DIY. This is easy relatively-speaking since all sock plushies take a bit of practise to make. If this is your first time sewing sock plush, then you can simply create a non-reversible owl or penguin. That’s super easy to make and you can watch my other videos on how to seal the base. If you have a bit more experience with plushies then feel free to get creative. You can even add small ears to create different animals :3! The plushie will drop some bits of fluff at the beginning because there are lots of “raw” fabric edges. However after you play with it for a while these will go away.

♥ Other Cute DIY Sock Plushies ♥
DIY Pomeranian Plush:
DIY Bunny Plush –
DIY Kitty/Cat Plush –
DIY Alpaca Plush –
DIY Sheep Plush –
DIY Quokka Plush –
DIY Panda Plush –
DIY Koala Plush –
DIY Pusheen Plush –

♥ DIY Shopping Links ♥
Fluffy Socks* –,
Polyester stuffing –
*You can get fluffy socks from lots of discount shops or large supermarkets.

Please note, not all of my DIY videos are ASMR because many crafting techniques do not produce any sound. This includes sewing, clay or painting videos. That’s why those DIYs always have music in the background because otherwise they will be almost completely silent.

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Husky Dog Adopts Stray Cat Saving Her Life | The Dodo: Comeback Kids

Husky Dog Adopts Stray Kitten Saving Her Life | Nobody thought this 2-week-old street kitten would survive — but then she met this husky who helped her grow up strong, and now she’s the leader of the pack. Today on Comeback Kids: Animal Edition this little cat is going on a big adventure…kayaking! You can check out @LilotheHusky ( for more of their amazing adventures!

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Naked Bird Who Lost Her Feathers Is So Loved Now | The Dodo

Naked Bird Who Lost Her Feathers Is So Loved Now | This bird lost all her feathers when she got sick — but she has the BEST mom now and can’t stop singing. Watch another video of Rhea’s Sweater Collection here:
And her newest sweater too:

Video by: Ryan Barrentine

Keep up with Rhea the Naked Bird on Facebook : and Instagram: If you’d like to learn more about Psittacine beak and feather disease, you can check out this page:

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