Crazy cat behavior! WTF is she doing!? I need a cat whisper! Paging Jackson Galaxy LOL

She’s been spayed since she was a year old, she’s now 4, and this super odd behavior just came out of nowhere..

10 Funniest Raccoon Videos



Calm The Fuck Down by Broke For Free

Channel: World’s Fuzziest Videos
Published: 2014-10-24 16:44:24
Duration: 7M24S
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You’re Petting Your Cat All Wrong!

Ever had your cat snap at you or bite while you were only petting her? It’s not that she isn’t friendly or doesn’t love you, it’s because cats have a certain way they enjoy being petted and it’s not the same way a dog enjoys being petted! Learn a few helpful tips and tricks from Jackson and your cat will be on your lap in no time asking for more.

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Channel: Jackson Galaxy
Published: 2014-07-30 19:56:32
Duration: 4M32S
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Funny Cats Acting Like Humans Compilation 2015

Here are some cats behaving like humans. Watch these funny videos of funny cats acting like humans in this cat videos compilation.
Channel: MashupZone
Published: 2015-02-26 09:07:38
Duration: 2M33S
Views: 27056689
Likes: 117108
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Cats scared by cucumbers

Cats scared by cucumbers
Channel: Str8 Pimpin
Published: 2015-11-11 03:28:24
Duration: 1M23S
Views: 5756632
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How Catnip Gets Cats High

If you’ve ever fed a cat catnip, you know that they go crazy for it! What are the effects of catnip on your feline friend? Tara explains.

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How does catnip work its magic on cats?
“Cats, from our domestic companions to lions and tigers, are exquisitely susceptible to a volatile oil found in the stems and leaves of the catnip plant.”

Catnip: Its Raison D’ Etre
“Catnip (nepetalactone) is closely related chemically to certain cyclopentanoid monoterpenes recently isolated from insects, and it shares with some of these terpenes an ability to repel insects.”

FYI: Can Humans Get High On Catnip?
“While cats may feel effects from marijuana-no word on whether Sir Harry Paus actually likes the experience-‘kitty pot’ does not have a reciprocal effect on humans.”

Catnip: Its uses and effects, past and present


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Published: 2014-10-23 00:09:12
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