Coast Guard Finds Endangered Sea Turtle Trapped in 1,800 Pounds of Cocaine

The U.S. Coast Guard ended up saving an endangered sea turtle while on a counter-drug patrol. The crew discovered a sea turtle entangled in multiple bales of what turned out to be cocaine. The boat crew recovered more than 75 feet of line and returned to the law enforcement mission recovering over 1,800 pounds of cocaine valued at over $53 million.’s Keleigh Nealon ( has more.

Watch The Moment a Cop Finds an Abducted 3-Year-Old Girl in a Parking Lot

Video shows the dramatic moment a police officer discovered a three-year-old girl sitting alone in a dark parking lot, hours after she was taken in a stolen car. Caraline Leon-Alcocar was inside her mother’s vehicle in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but when her mom got out run a quick errand, a thief jumped into the vehicle and took off, police said. After hours of searching, Caraline was found just after 1 a.m. by Officer Chris Poccia and the moment was captured on his lapel camera.
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War Machine’s Ex, Christy Mack, Opens up About Being Beaten by Former MMA Star

The woman who suffered a horrific beating at the hands of her ex, the former MMA star known as ‘War Machine,’ is talking about the nightmare that left her battered and bloody. “I was in extreme, excruciating physical pain,” Christy Mack, 26, told Inside Edition about the 2014 incident, where her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Jonathan Koppenhaver beat her. She said that her relationship with the fighter was “very passionate” and “very tumultuous” as well as “very abusive.”
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How to Survive a Train Derailment

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Tragedy struck in Washington state Monday as a brand new train crashed down from a highway overpass, killing at least six. The derailment occurred after Amtrak train No. 501 left Seattle for Portland at about 6 a.m. The Seattle Times reports it was its inaugural run on a new route that recently opened as part of a $181 million project that began in 2010. “Today’s tragic incident in Pierce County is a serious and ongoing emergency,” Washington Gov. Jay Inslee wrote.
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Were Donald Trump Supporters Being Hunted Down Like Prey By Protesters?

Donald Trump spoke in San Jose, California on Thursday night at a rally. But after his speech ended, supporters were greeted by a mob of protestors outside the venue. One young woman tried to take on the protestors on her own and proudly showed off her Trump shirt. She was hit in the face with a watermelon and eggs. A local news reporter said the Trump supporters were “chased down like prey.” Protestors were filmed burning American flags and throwing eggs, punches and bottles at supporters.
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2 Men Make it Out Alive After Encountering Alligators During Everglades Hike

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Two hikers who got stuck in the Florida Everglades are revealing how they survived venomous snakes and dangerous alligators. Tom Rieker and Ryan Crowder set out to hike the entire Florida Trail, a 1,300-mile trek from south Florida to Pensacola. “It was definitely the adventure of a lifetime,” Crowder told Inside Edition. They traveled through razor-sharp sawgrass and trudged through ankle-deep water, sharing videos of their adventures with followers of their Facebook page, Explorida.
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