Chuck Grassley Calmly Slays Charging Farm Animals At Kavanaugh Hearing

US Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley patiently out-lasted the guttural utterances of a series of displeased farm animals at Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing.

Thanks to the chokes and grunts of Kamala Harris, Cory Booker and a rogue pod of feminists, the Trump-nominated baseball fan had to wait over an hour for the hearing to even start.





“YOUR MOTION IS DENIED!” Chairman Grassley OWNS Senator Blumenthal During Brett Kavanaugh Hearing

“YOUR MOTION IS DENIED!” Chairman Grassley OWNS Senator Blumenthal During Brett Kavanaugh Hearing

During Senate Judiciary Committee Brett Kavanaugh Hearing takes place , chuck grassley and sidney blumenthal get into it during senate hearing this is politics and political news this is us news and news today and today news this is latest news and breaking news from senate hearing today

original air date: 9/4/2018

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Sen. Lindsey Graham Speaks at Judge Kavanaugh Senate hearing – September 4, 2018

WATCH LIVE: Brett Kavanaugh Senate Confirmation Hearing For Supreme Court Justice – Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation hearing – Brett Kavanaugh confirmation – President Trump Press Conference


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