Cat With Special Powers Becomes Nurse At Vet’s Clinic


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Cat With Special Powers Becomes Nurse At Vet’s Clinic

Taking your pet to the vet can be rather stressful for any parent of a fur baby. Knowing there is an exceptional nursing staff on hand makes this stressful event, easier to deal with. Northfield Veterinary Hospital in Colorado found an unlikely applicant for their nursing staff in a stray cat named Ron. The stray cat became a nurse but was rescued from the streets in Colorado timid and afraid.
Something miraculous happened shortly after his arrival. This feline started making rounds to other animals that were in the clinic. Soon he showed his true superpower CRITTER COMPASSION! “Ron started to cuddle up to any pet who was under anesthesia for dental work and provided them with body heat,” said Shelly Sandel, Vet, and Co-owner of Northfield Veterinary Hospital. It seemed that this once nervous cat was providing patients with comfort due to his compassionate visits.
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The Best Of Eagle Attacks 2018 – Most Amazing Moments Of Wild Animal Fights! Wild Discovery Animals

The Best Of Eagle Attacks 2018 – Most Amazing Moments Of Wild Animal Fights! Wild Discovery Animals
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Tiny Kittens Felicity in labor first one here alive and healthy yay

Before leaving comments, please know that Felicity & her kittens are in foster care. They are all healthy and thriving. They were all adopted together into a home. You can follow them on facebook: 🙂

These videos were recorded from live streaming cams at the Tiny Kittens Society website

Reality Rescue Cats/Kittens TV
Besides the normal kitty behaviors of them looking adorable playing, sleeping, eating, wrestling with each other, squawking for their turn at their favorite nipple at the milkbar…
You may see cats and kittens feeling sick, sometimes grumpy, hissing, scampy, etc. Do not worry, they are in the best of care with volunteer snugglers, vet techs and the best vets in the area!

Tiny Kittens Society is a volunteer-run non-profit society working to improve the lives of cats and kittens in need. Based in Fort Langley, BC, Canada.
Their mission: “Rescuing locally, educating globally”
They help cats and kittens in need. Watch their rescue cats and kittens LIVE 24/7:

If you would like to learn more, please visit:

These videos were recorded by Sara (Little Darling) & is not affiliated with Tiny Kittens Society

“An exception to the feral rule was Felicity, who was rescued from a backyard breeder, where her treatment was less than humane. She arrived pregnant and was thrilled to find her accommodations full of cosy beds and toys. It was believed that she still had two weeks to go before she was due to give birth, and she was not very large, but soon after her arrival, she began to have a suspicious discharge, and Shelly feared the worst. Very quickly, Felicity reported to her nest and began to have contractions, and everyone assumed that she was miscarrying. Instead, she gave birth to two healthy kittens, a boy and a girl, who survived their mother’s constant baffing and neurotic concern for their welfare to become extremely energetic and active youngsters. Their energy and mischief was eclipsed, however, by that of their mother, who looned about Tinykittens HQ like a small tornado. One brave soul decided they would adopt the entire family. We wish her luck. Follow the family:″

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Published: 2016-07-16 17:58:48
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Your Ears Can Indicate Your Health: Don’t Ignore These 8 Factors

It is a normal hygienic procedure to clean our ears once every few days. However, not all of us know that ear wax can also indicate the state of our health. With the help of a Q-tip, you can check the color of your ear wax and understand what it means.

What do we know about the human ear? 0:35
Ear wax of a gray color 1:28
Ear wax with traces of blood 2:09
Ear wax of a brown color 3:02
Ear wax of a black color 3:40
Ear wax of a white color 4:25
Ear wax with an unpleasant smell 5:14
Liquid ear wax 6:03
Dry earwax 6:36
See a doctor if you have the following symptoms 7:06
What you shouldn’t do to avoid any problems 8:14
Three most interesting facts about your ears 8:47

Ear wax is not a body waste to get rid of regularly, quite the contrary – it’s a kind of protection. It keeps the ear canal lubricated, therefore, prevents the ears from itching. Moreover, it prevents different pollutants from entering the inner ear. Even more surprisingly, this substance has antibacterial properties.
Our body is a clever mechanism. Did you know that when we chew, the movement pushes ear wax to the outer part of the ear? This way, your ears self-clean!
If your ears tend to produce a big amount of ear wax creating a build-up, you can take some preventive measures yourself.
– It’s effective to use agents softening the wax. They can be mineral or baby oil, or ear drops. It is enough to put a few drops of these substances into your ear once a week to soften the ear wax and help it to come out faster and with ease.
– Another way to take care of your ears is to buy a special at-home kit for their irrigation. Follow the instruction precisely step by step.

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10 Expensive Dogs Only Rich People Can Afford

top 10 of the most expensive dog breeds in the world
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There are few things in this world that make us smile more than seeing our four legged friends wagging their tails at us. Dogs are simply the best, and we could go on and on about them all day. But don’t worry, we won’t! In this video, we’re focusing on some of the most expensive dog breeds in the world. It’s hard to put a price on your best friend, but because of supply and demand some dogs just end up costing a bit more.

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LIVE: Amazing Moments You Wouldn’t Believe if They Weren’t Recorded | BBC Animals Documentary 2018

LIVE: Amazing Moments You Wouldn’t Believe if They Weren’t Recorded | BBC Animals Documentary 2018
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