Cat loves to bring owner his favorite toys

Caesar loves to play and he likes to bring his toy to his owner’s feet. This time he drops it and he makes sure she knows about it!

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Gangsta Cats Video Compilation 2016

From cats scaring bears away, to trapping dogs under blankets, these cats have a thug life attitude that you’ll find in this gansta cats video compilation.

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Published: 2016-08-24 21:41:12
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Dog realizes she’s at dog park, loses her mind

Every time these people take their dog Ellie to the dog park, the initial arrival is what is so funny. She makes noises that her owners have never heard before and can’t wait to get out of the car and play!

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Channel: Rumble Viral
Published: 2017-12-01 20:52:36
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Adorable Vocal Conversation Between Cat And His Owner, SOO cute!!

This adorable kitty loves being vocal with his owner and the two of them are the cutest pair! It’s obvious this kitty lives in a home filled with love!

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Published: 2015-11-17 10:10:24
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Cat meeting the puppies for the first time.

Floki the cat meeting Marley & Luna for the first. Just a day later they are already playing with each other.

NEW VIDEO of them playing in the snow!

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Published: 2014-12-27 03:55:38
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Ultimate Cat Lady: Woman Shares Her Home With 1,100 Felines

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A caring cat lady has given up her 4,200 square foot home to more than a thousand felines. Sixty-seven-year-old Lynea Lattanzio now lives in a trailer on her six acre property and allows the cats to run freely through the five bedroom house. Today she runs Cat House On The Kings which is California’s largest no-cage, no kill sanctuary for feral and abandoned cats. Lynea and her team of volunteers care for about 800 adult cats and 300 kittens. The team starts feedings at the shelter at 4am and they also give medical attention to critically ill cats. To learn more about adoptions at Cat House On The Kings visit 

Videographer / Director: Ruaridh Connellan
Producer: Samantha Grillo, Nick Johnson
Editor: Ian Phillips

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