Cat Grooming: Daily Brushing for Himalayan Persian

Demonstrating complete, daily brushing routine for China, a Himalayan/Persian cat. Directions are in captions (CC).

For this breed of cat, brushing is best when practiced daily. Himalayan/Persian cats have long hair that is prone to matting and tangle. It is good to get into a daily routine that is light and short. Keeping the session light is helpful in maintaining a pleasant experience for both you and the cat. This means that while brushing, there is no need to push into areas that may be sensitive to the cat. If you listen, the cat will tell you where she wants or doesn’t want to be brushed. Areas that are skipped in one session can be revisited in following days. Daily, light sessions ensure that over time, all areas of the fur coat are tended to and everyone is comfortable.

Since cats thrive on routine, it’s best to brush around the same time every day. I find it takes a cat 4 days to get used to a new routine.

Kitties Bath Time – How to Give a Kitty a Bath – Victorian Gardens Cattery.MP4

12 Week old Seal Point Himalayan kitten named Delphinium gets a bath. Delphinium is an adorable kitten with a full and long coat. We are providing this video to show our adoptive parents how we give their kitten a bath and the products and process we use at our Cattery. No need for fancy professional blow dryers.

Dam: The Perfect Pansy, Tortoiseshell Persian
Sire: CH Willie Wonka, Chocolate Point Himalayan

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Persian Cat Water Bowl Testing- review / documentary

One old Himalayan cat and a Persian kitten test water bowls. The Nature Spa AVP with UV Sterilization, Whisker city foutain, Protocol bowl, Petmate Fresh Flow and a ordinary Fish Bowl. The cats will choose which one they like. We are hoping to get Purrcy the Shaded Persian to drink out of a bowl instead of the sink or shower, It is funny to watch him but we need a better bowl design. After this video he took his choice bowl the Nature Spa and pushed it across the floor. I wish companies would put rubber bottems on bowls so the can not be pushed by the cat or kittens. We like the Wisker City design because it gets the cats attention with the flowing water but when they drink the water it can hit the side of their face and pour all over the floor. So we have been using this large mouth fishbowl for our Persian cats and they seem to like it, it has a lot of room to put their flat faces in and it does not make noise or require a plug. We got the idea of the fish bowl for a water dish when they cats kept drinking the water from the Beta bowl.
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Before & After Himalayan Grooming ~ Cat Grooming Solutions

Simple Cat Grooming Solutions To Turn Your Domestic House Cat Into A Feline Fashionista. Presenting Lili, a Blue Point Himalayan, our featured cat model for this video. ~
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Persian kittens playing with ‘bug’

Part II:
7 week old traditional Persian kittens playing. Remember not to leave you kitty alone with toys like this 🙂 To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email
And yes I got my finger on the microphone – sorry about that…
Toy is one of those little hex bugs. So supervision is necessary when kitties play with it 🙂
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How To Trim A Persian Or Himalayan Cat’s Mane or Ruff

We recently had an Adoptive Family ask us to make a video on how we, at the Cattery, trim a long Persian cat mane or ruff. Today we did a lion’s cut on our The Perfect Buttercup. Buttercup has an extremely long cotton coat and gets shaved at least twice. She loves the feel of being shaved. She loves being petted after she has been shaved. Buttercup is a five and a half year old Cream Point Himalayan from our first litter. Buttercup lives at the Cattery as our forever cat. After the lion’s cut, we took a video of how we trim her long mane or ruff using an Arco Cordless Shaver. Buttercup did not want to cooperate in standing up during her mane or ruff trim. It is much easier to accomplish if you have a cat who will stand up during the trim or another person who can hold them up for you while you trim. You can see before and after pictures of her mane or ruff and lion’s cut on Our Cattery Blog for March 6, 2015 on our website:

Dam: Petunia Lilymae, Cream Point Himalayan
Sire: Lord Chesterfield the First, a Red Persian

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