Cat behaviors: kneading and suckling

There are multiple reasons as to why your cat or kitten may be suckling and or kneading on items such as a dressing gown or blanket, it can be a sign of stress, compulsive behavior, or even just happiness or contentment. If your cat uses claws while kneading on you, you may wish to purchase a cat tower from a pet store or even make you’re own!

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6 Things Your Cat is Saying to You

Jackson helps you actually communicate with your cat by properly learning their body language. And trust us, your cat’s body language is very different than your dog’s!

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Cat-Friend vs Dog-Friend

If your friends acted like your pets, you might not keep them around.

Bananas for president-

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Featured on Huffington Post: If Your Friends Acted like Your Pets.
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Cat- Jimmy Craig
Dog- Justin Parker
Filmed in Billerica, Massachusetts / Boston, Massachusetts

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Cat behaviors: Number 2s with your number 1

Indoor and Outdoor cats need some where they feel comfortable to pass what was once a yummy meal or snack, this can be in a cat litter tray/box with absorbable cat litter which will need cleaning up and changing after a certain amount of usage, Outdoor cats tend to roam around and can go just about anywhere they feel comfortable.
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Cat behaviors: Grooming

You may find your furry friend grooming their selves from time to time, this is completely normal for a cat to clean their selves on a regular basis. Grooming your cat using a brush from a pet store or with your hands will help to prevent feline health issues such as digestive problems caused by hairballs.

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