Brushing Short Hair Cat – Taking Care of Cats

Tips taking care of cats for your cat’s coat looks healthy and reduces your cat’s risk of skin issues. Short haired cats require different brushing tools and techniques than long haired cats
do the treatment like: Prepping Your Cat for Brushing, Brushing Your Cat Properly
, Maintaining a Regular Brushing Routine for Your Cat


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Mr.Peanut’s Han-D Glove Pet Grooming Brush and Deshedding Tool

Mr.Peanut’s Han-D Glove Pet Grooming Brush and Shedding Tool For Long and Short Hair Pets.

This grooming product cost me $8.95 on

– Soft for your pet and hands
– Durable mesh
– Nice strap for secure fit.
– Easy and FAST De-shedding tool

– Changeling to clean all fur off of glove at the end of grooming.
– Static electricity could be a challenge
(over all great i love it)

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Published: 2017-02-20 00:56:11
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