Black cat meowing so cute for food and love

Black cat meowing so cute for food and love in the island

You will LAUGH SO HARD that YOU WILL FAINT – FUNNY CAT compilation

Well well well, cats for you again. But this time, even better, even funnier, even more hilarious! We know you like these furries the most, so that’s why we keep making such compilations 🙂 Just look how all these cats and kittens behave, play, fail, make funny sounds, react to different things,… So ridiculous, funny and cute Let’s laugh together and make our day better by watching these awesome kitties 🙂 What is your favorite clip? 🙂 Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!

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“Monkeys Spinning Monkeys” Kevin MacLeod (
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Cat Teased By Squirrel One Too Many Times

There is one squirrel in our yard who has noticed my cats sitting in the window watching them every day and has the audacity to get right up to the window and tease the cats. The squirrel taunts them daily and scratches the window right in their face.

In an effort to help the squirrel understand exactly who he is dealing with I opened the window so that he could see and smell the cats and realize just what he is challenging. Well Mr. Squirrel was not so brave and would keep his distance, for a while. But then Mr. Squirrel started becoming a bully again and started getting more and more brazen in his tactics. Well to my chagrin my youngest cat takes matters into his own paws and shows that squirrel, and all the other squirrels just who they are dealing with.

This is a daily entertainment that has evolved over the past several months and finally reached new dimensions this week.

I think my cat’s New Year resolution is to be WINNING.

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Gordon Ramsay Learns How To Make A Thai Sausage | Gordon’s Great Escape

While in Thailand, Gordon gets the opportunity to learn how to make a spicy Thai sausage.

#GordonRamsay #Cooking

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20 Strange Cat Behaviors Explained!

Weirdest cat behaviors explained! These are the top strange cat behaviors and how to understand cats and weird cat behaviors explained!

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18. Random sprint – Does your cat run at a super fast speed and bounce off the couch out of nowhere? Don’t worry this is totally normal; cats can run up to 31 miles per hour, they’re just getting their exercise in for the day! Most house cats have an extreme amount of energy that gets pent up and needs to be released. If they don’t get regular exercise on their own, they might need some more playful attention to avoid random sprints around the house.

17. Unladylike sitting – Why do people sit in unladylike positions? Well because it’s comfortable of course. Same goes for cats; when they are sprawled out with their legs open, that means they’re simply relaxed, trusting you, and happy. This means they know they are safe so they can relax.

16. Brings you presents- A dead rodent or bug at your feet might not be what you always wanted, but there are lots of theories about why your cat insists on doing this. As a kitten their mother might have brought them back a dead prey, so that’s where they got it from. Paying them more attention when they do this might be encouraging this behavior. Maybe they’re being generous and saying thank you for feeding her or maybe sharing a successful hunt with you. This is them sharing what they caught with you as if you were a part of its real cat family. When cats are able to get more food than they need to eat, they might bring back extra kills to other members of the colony, especially kittens and nursing mothers. So your cat might just think you could use some help having enough to eat. Although this is a gross habit from a human’s perspective, don’t punish your cat for doing something that is only natural to them, because they don’t know any better. Instead try keeping them indoors, or put a bell on their collar to make it more difficult for them to catch prey.

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Tabby cat demands more petting again and again

Cute and lovely cat demands more petting, firstly he wants love after eating food in order, again and again.
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Published: 2019-02-14 07:33:09
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