Black Cat Bone – North Mississippi Hill Country Blues

This song was written by Jessie Mae Hemphill (October 18, 1923 – July 22, 2006) and I love the groove. Jessie Mae did not use a slide playing this tune but I have found it works well as blues slide guitar piece.

A black cat bone is part of the magical tradition of hoodoo and is said to help the user in a number of various ways including good luck, rebirth after death, invisibility, and, according to the song, romantic love.

Jessie Mae did not use a slide playing this tune but I have found it works well as blues slide guitar piece.


I believe to my soul
my baby got a black cat bone

How to pick properly. This really works!!!

This is a method I’ve employed for some time now, so it’s time to share. It will teach you how to hold a pick, how to pick the strings and how to move the arm efficiently so that you get good fast!!!
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Mark Knopfler on Guitars

Taken from “Soundbreaking” documentary © 2016 Higher Ground LLC

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Learn Every Blues Song Ever in 8 Minutes

If you’ve ever wondered how to play the blues on guitar, look no further. Learning the formula of the 12 bar blues is a simple way to understand the most widely used songwriting tool in music.

Using moveable guitar shapes, riffs and turnarounds, you can apply these techniques to any song and begin to recognize them in existing ones.

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3 Blues Riffs Every Guitarist Should Know (Amaze your Friends)

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Best Guitar Auditions – The X-Factor! #008

Rachael Thompson The X Factor Australia 2014 AUDITION FULL

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