Best Cat Toy Ever? – The 360° Experience

I recreated my “Best Cat Toy Ever” video as a 360° degree video!

Click and drag the screen or move your device to turn the camera
To watch this 360° video, you’ll need the latest version of Chrome, Opera, Firefox, or IE
On YouTube the #360video Keyboard controls are: A W S D
On mobile, use the latest version of the YouTube app for Android or iOS

This video was recorded with the 360Fly 4K camera (the audio was not).
This was the first video I made with the 360 camera months ago while I had it.
This remake didn’t have any breaks! I was a little disappointed the plane didn’t get to the center.
Watch my other 360 degree video at:

Watch the original “Best Cat Toy Ever?” video:

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Hall of the Mountain King by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Fun with Domino Fall Walls!

Amazing screen link collection of 23 #domino fall walls, which ones did you like?

Watch my fall wall construction video…

Check out my ‘best of’ playlist:

Special thanks to these channels for some suggestions:

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Thanks for watching!

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WORLD RECORD – Domino Tower Challenge

The Domino Tower Challenge created by TheVarietyGuy challenged domino builders to build the tallest 1×1 domino tower they could:

If you didn’t take the challenge yet, give it a try!

If your challenge video is missing on this list, let me know:

The exaggerated tower shaking in my setup footage from above is the result of trying to stabilize the very shaky footage from the moving camera.
The purple marker dominoes for marking each 10 levels in my pattern is one level off at the top! It looks like 124 levels from the pattern…but it’s actually only 123 levels.
We’re not aware of a tower taller than this, so it’s currently an unofficial world record.

Footage of the previous attempts I made can be watched here:

YouTube Audio Library – 7th Floor Tango (Silent Partner)

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Happy Canada Day! #Canada150 (6,200 Dominoes)

Happy Canada Day!
This year marks the the 150th anniversary of Canada – #Canada150

Fun facts:
9 hours to setup all the dominoes, over 2 days.
Maple leaf stands close to 161cm tall (67 dominoes)
The maple leaf pattern is about 142cm x 147cm flat on the floor.
The full setup has 6216 dominoes
The leaf part has 5267 dominoes
25min to sort/pickup
I put this together last month for Daily Planet’s Canada 150 theme week that aired on Discovery Channel Canada in May.

Watch my past Canada Day dominos too:

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World’s Largest MiniDomino Fall Wall – 8080+ Dominoes

Thanks to BulkDominoes for supplying the mini dominoes to make this video.
Buy dominoes from and use the code “FLIPPYCAT” for 15% off!

This is my biggest mini-domino fall wall, it holds a total of 8,080 dominoes on the front. Another 314 dominoes make up the top triggering rows.

The domino crossfield scene uses 4,500 dominoes.

You can watch some extras from this project including the setup timelapse (and the hidden break) here:

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BIG vs. SMALL Dominoes

5 scenes that put together and compare small mini dominoes with big regular sized dominoes!

After making regular sized fall walls, I wanted to make some space saving walls for mini dominoes too.
So I built a mini domino fall wall, and came up with a few other ways to compare mini dominoes to the bigger regular dominoes…

Size/Space (fall walls)
The ‘SMALL’ fall wall with mini dominoes has the same amount of dominoes as the regular ‘BIG’ wall. Each wall has has 4,000 dominoes.

Detail/Resolution and Sound (YouTube players)
You can create a more detailed image field in the same area with mini dominoes, and they are also quieter than regular dominoes
This is illustrated with two YouTube players with resolutions of 25p (25 pixels) using 1,125 dominoes, and 50p using 4,450 dominoes.

Weight (Balance Scale)
Bigger dominos weigh more than smaller dominoes, so what better way to show this than using a giant scale?

Speed (Race)
Mini dominoes take a little longer to travel the same distance
The race is played back at 65% speed to slow things down
There are 102 regular vs 195 minis

Resistance (Fan)
Mini dominoes don’t stand up to gusts of air as well. It takes a higher fan speed and more force as the speed increases to blow over the bigger dominoes.

“Special Spotlight” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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