Benny Snell Jr. – I Play for Kentucky

Benny Snell Jr. is piling up yards, but he still has his doubters. He doesn’t play for recognition though. He plays for Kentucky.

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Week 4 2018 #14 Mississippi State vs Kentucky Condensed

Do you like to watch college sports and don’t have the time or just want to relive a moment? Well, this is the channel for you.

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Josh Allen – I Came Back for a Reason

Josh Allen passed on a chance to enter the NFL Draft for a reason. He’s living that reason.

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Kentucky RB Benny Snell Jr. – Sept. 18

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Tua Tagovailoa All Throws vs. Texas A&M: The Heisman Hype is real!

All throws from Tua’s performance against #22 Texas A&M. 22/30, 387 yards, 4 TD passes.

Time to stop saying, “Wait until he plays a real defense.”

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#tuatime #rolltide

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FB: New Football Training Center Tour

Avery Williamson, Courtney Love, JoJo Kemp, C.J. Conrad, and Greg Hart give you a tour of the brand new $45 million Football Training Center.

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