Banggai Cardinalfish – A Beautiful Endangered Species (Fast Tips Here)

The Banggai Cardinalfish is an extremely popular fish for any hobbyists saltwater aquarium.

Restricted to the Banggai Islands of Indonesia, this species has a very limited range of the area it inhabits. While many aquarium enthusiasts are intent on adding a Banggai Cardinal to their home aquarium, it should be noted that they require proper care and are to be monitored closely to be sure they are transitioning into their new habitat and diet.

The best way to do this is to have a plentiful amount of amphipods and copepods on hand and slowly change their diet to frozen food, pellets and flakes, so that you do not shock them.

This should ensure a smooth and peaceful introduction to any saltwater aquarium and allow you to enjoy all of the beauty the Banggai Cardinal has to offer.

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LIVE: Amazing Moments You Wouldn’t Believe if They Weren’t Recorded | BBC Animals Documentary 2018

LIVE: Amazing Moments You Wouldn’t Believe if They Weren’t Recorded | BBC Animals Documentary 2018
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Top 10 Aquarium ‘Do Not’s |


Thomas gives us his Top 10 “Do Not”s for Aquarium Keeping! Do you have any important tips to add to this list? Contribute in the comments below!

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Why no aquarium has a great white shark

Many have tried to keep a white shark in captivity. Here’s why that’s so difficult.

There are several aquariums around the world, including one in Georgia, that house whale sharks, the biggest fish in the sea. But not one has a great white shark on display.

Aquariums have made dozens of attempts since the 1970s to display a captive great white shark. Most of those attempts ended with dead sharks.

By the 2000s, the only group still trying was the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which spent a decade planning its white shark program. In 2004, it acquired a shark that became the first great white to survive in captivity for more than 16 days. In fact, it was on display for more than six months before it was released back into the ocean.

In the following years, the Monterey Bay Aquarium hosted five more juvenile white sharks for temporary stays before ending the program in 2011. It was an expensive effort and had come under criticism due to injuries that some of the sharks developed in the tank.

Responding to those critics, Jon Hoech, the aquarium’s director of husbandry operations, said: “We believe strongly that putting people face to face with live animals like this is very significant in inspiring ocean conservation and connecting people to the ocean environment. We feel like white sharks face a significant threats out in the wild and our ability to bring awareness to that is significant in terms of encouraging people to become ocean stewards.”

Check out the video above to learn why white sharks are so difficult to keep in captivity and how the Monterey Bay Aquarium designed a program that could keep them alive.

Link to the Biodiversity Heritage Library:

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how to make a DIY aquarium background PLEASE RESPOND


this is how i make my diy backgrounds, some peoples methods may differ from these, but this is the easiest, most unexpensive way ive found to do it…
please respond with youre designs

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Pajama Cardinal – Quick Care Guide & Documentary

A quick video on Pajama Cardinal Fish, what they eat, how to care for them and everything else you need to know.
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