Baby Pet Part 4 – Puppy Care – Animals Doctor Game for Kids

Baby Pet Part 4 – Puppy Care – Animals Doctor Game for Kids
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Do you sweeties have a deep and abiding love for dogs? Do you have such a furry pal at home who keeps you company all day long and follows you wherever you go? You love her despite a number of chewed shoes and a couple of murdered throw pillows. You two go for long walks in the park, stop for ice cream with a sparkle in the eyes, and you think life couldn’t be better. But one day, oh my! Your loving playmate is gonna have her baby. Wow, life is full of unexpected joy!
Now, it’s your time to make her days as happy and comfortable as she has always made yours. Love and a lot of tender care are needed to make her go through the important days smoothly. You’re gonna be busy for quite a while to make everything perfect for the love and her little.
Little puppy lover, your beloved pet needs special care. Arf! Arf! Come on, how can you not want to love a face like that?

How to play:
Open the game, you’ll land on the living room where the adorable dogs are waiting. Now, choose one from those lovely furry friends to start: give her a checkup, decorate a room for the puppy, and don’t forget she needs a little extra help from you to look her best. Snip, clip, cut hair, trim nails, you can groom her just like a pro. Here we go, trim out any mats with the razor to make the hairs flat and tidy and clip a small amount of nail with dog nail clippers. Wow, she looks fabulous, so it makes sense that the baby is a born beauty just like her. Oh, the little doesn’t have her own room yet. How about you decorate one for her? We have prepared various accessory options for this special little space. Enter the room and choose from the accessories on the right, to create the sweetest room ever. Oh, the cute little thing, look at her. Kind of sleepy? Let’s try and get the little peanut to take a nap. Zzz…Sweet dream, little darling!
Thank you for looking after them with your caring hearts! They have nothing to give you but their loving hearts, with which you can exchange fabulous items to decorate a cozy home for them.
Honey, doggies are always waiting for the sound of your steps, please come back home. Will you?

– 6 lovely dogs and little puppies to melt your heart
– 6 fantastic mini-games to blow your mind away
– Dress up cute furry friends with a heck lot of wonderful accessories
– Have fun at 5 fancy places with the adorable puppies
– Collect more loving hearts to sweeten the love-filled home.

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Pet Care – ER Pet Vet – Animals Doctor Game For Kids & Babies – Fun Android Gameplay Video

ER Pet Vet – Care for Animals – Tabtale Care & Animals Doctor Game For Kids – Android Gameplay Video

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Published: 2017-01-10 12:58:04
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Care for Animals – ER Pet Vet – Pet Doctor Game For Kids & Babies – Fun Android Gameplay Video

ER Pet Vet – Care for Animals – Fun Animals Doctor Game For Kids & Babies by TabTale

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Published: 2017-01-07 00:04:45
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Pet Care – Crazy Zoo – Animals Doctor Games for Kids Play – Fun Android Gameplay for Baby

Baby Play Crazy Zoo – Play With Funny Animals – Baby Fun Game

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Channel: Fun Kids Games
Published: 2017-01-09 11:47:36
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Baby Play Animal Doctor & Care with Animal Hospital Compilation Animation Cartoon Kids Games

Have you ever dreamed about working in a hospital for animals? Now this is your big chance! Dogs, cats and other pets even frogs, crocodiles and elephants – they all need your help! Check what is wrong with them and find out what helps best. They will instantly feel better and thank you as their vet!

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– Full Version with 40 animals
– From pets to exciting exotic animals- there are lots of different animals!
– Funny animations and sounds
– Easy to play (3+)

Learning successes:
– Hand-eye coordination
– Patience and concentration
– Logical thinking and creativity

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Jungle Doctor Kids Games | Pet Care Games, Animals Doctor Game for Kids

Jungle Doctor Kids Games | Pet Care Games, Animals Doctor Game for Kids

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Honey, the animals in the jungle are really in a mess at this very moment. What a bummer!
Where is the naughty monkey? Ugh, he fell into the water! Oh, poor little thing! So how about the other animals. Bad luck, the zebra is injured and the strong lion has some teeth problems. And you know what, misfortunes never come singly. The cute elephant, lively squirrel and many others are in bad situation too.

Honey, don’t sit idly by when the animals really need help. With kindness and excellent medical skills, you are the savior they are longing for. “Jungle Doctor”, please buckle up and venture into the forest!



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