Baby Pet Care – Kitty Meow Meow – Play Animals Games for Kids – Fun Android Gameplay Toddlers

Best Games for Kids HD – Kitty Meow Meow – My Cute Cat Day Care & Fun iPad Gameplay HD

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Little Baby Care – Babysitter Madness Game for Kids – Bath, Feed, Dress Up – Fun Gameplay Toddlers

Babysitter Madness Tabtale Educational Android İos Free Game GAMEPLAY VİDEO

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Take Care Baby Doctor Games Candy’s Hospital – Fun Kids Android Gameplay Toddlers

Doctor Kids Games Candy’s Hospital | Educational Game for Children by Libii Tech Limited

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Fun Baby Care Kids Games – Baby Doll House Lilly & Kitty – Kitchen, Bathroom, Clean up for Toddler

Baby Doll House Lilly & Kitty Baby Care and Pet Care Playtime for Toddlers

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Dress Up
Play baby fashion designer and create your dream outfits for Lily and Kitty! Choose baby clothes and accessories in 7 categories and combine colorful pants, stylish dresses, cute blouses and comfortable shoes. Capture the moment and take a picture of your creation!

Clean Up
What a mess in Lily?s room! Learn to clean up and give Lily?s room a brand new look! Grab a mop and wipe the dirt, catch spiders, organize clothes in Lily?s closet, put flowers in the vase and sort the toys!

Baby Care
Time for a diaper change! Take good care of baby girl Lily and her kitten so they could play more games. Change the diapers, clean up the mess and apply baby oil and powder to make Lily?s skin soft and smooth!

Baby Lily and her little cat need a tasty meal several times a day. Mix baby formula powder with water to make some warm milk. Prepare yummy fruit puree from apples and pears for baby Lily. Feed the little kitty too by giving her delicious cat food. Learn how to use a napkin and clean up after lunch!

Give baby Lily and Kitty a warm bubble bath! Wash the baby and her kitten with bubbly shampoo and rinse the bubbles with water. Dry Lily and Kitty with hair dryer and comb their hair. Clip and cut their nails – Lily & Kitty like them healthy and strong!

Baby Lily and Kitty are tired after so much playing! Dress up Lily and Kitty in their cute pajamas, cover them with a soft blanket and decorate baby?s crib their favorite toys. Wish them sweet dreams and turn off the light so that Lily and Kitty could have a wonderful night sleep!

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Little Baby Care – Toilet, Bath, Feed, Dress Up, Bed Time – Play Fun Games for Kids Toddlers

Learn how to Take Care of Cute Babies – Baby Care & Dress Up Kids Games by Tabtale | Toilet Training Care Bath Time Feed & Play with Babies

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Baby Care – Babysitter Craziness Game for Kids – Bath, Feed, Dress Up – Fun Gameplay Toddlers

Babysitter Mania, Take Care Of The Kids Adorable, Fun Game For Families & Kids

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