Avatar Theme Fish Aquarium Setup & Macaw At Nemo’s Reef Pet Shop

This shop named Nemo’s reef located in Mira Road (Mumbai) has Avatar as the theme for their display fish aquarium tank setup. They also showed us their blue and gold Macaw

Pet Shop LIVE from Mira Road

info on fish tank and dogs
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Feeding All My Pets, Over 70 Animals | Daily Feeding Routine

My daily feeding routine, caring for tons and tons of animals. This is my summer time routine. Enjoy!

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Hey guys this week is my 2 year anniversary on YouTube! Thank you so much for all of the support, that is what has made me continue doing videos. I do them for you! Personally I feel like I have come a long way. I’ve gotten a lot better at making videos and so if you were here since the beginning when my skills were cringe worthy then thank you! And if you are new, welcome! I feel like this channel has been so successful and its amazing how much it has grown. Having a connection with all of you is like nothing I could have ever imagined. You guys are awesome.

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Visted the SICKEST FISH STORE EVER! Came across a fish I’ve NEVER seen before, and its PLATINUM (Pure White Albino) Should I BUY it? Share this video and get it to 2,000 LIKES and it’ll be in my pond!

(I️ had this video filmed and edited before Zak, he uploaded it before me. Which then makes me look bad)


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Pet Bass Jumped out of the Aquarium (RIP)

Our pet bass Moby tried to escape…

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