Assetto corsa / Back Cat Country / GT R35 Skyline Nismo 2do Lugar

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Mi Specs
Intel Core I5 6600K 4.3
Ram G.Skill DDR4 16gb
Tarjeta de video Asus GTX 980 Matrix
Disco Duro 6tb en total

Assetto Corsa ( Xbox One ) Nissan Skyline GTR-34 Highlands ( on board )

Channel: Enrico Mazzarello Sim Racing
Published: 2017-07-26 01:35:48
Duration: 4M38S
Views: 11
Likes: 1
Favorites: 0

Assetto Corsa: 2015 Mustang GT @ Black Cat County – Short

Assetto Corsa
Logitech G25
Channel: Zac’s Autosports
Published: 2016-04-01 02:22:50
Duration: 4M25S
Views: 2589
Likes: 19
Favorites: 0

Mclaren 650S GT3 @ Black Cat County – Assetto Corsa 60FPS

Circuito: Black Cat County
Vehiculo: Mclaren 650S
Assetto Corsa 60FPS
Volante: Driving Force GT
Channel: ThugLife1979MMA
Published: 2016-04-07 01:19:50
Duration: 2M33S
Views: 209
Likes: 4
Favorites: 0

Assetto Corsa – Black Cat County track – Ford Mustang GT 2015

Two Laps at the New 31/03/2016 Black Cat County track.2560 x 1080 screen. Setting are custom Post Processing is on @ Natural, 8 x Anisotropic 2 x AA, Vsync is on with a frame limit of 100. World detail is Max with most other settings to normal or high.Turned down tire noise also will need to turn down the road noise due to rough section of track. AI is unintentionally set to 98, normally i would use 96. ABS @ 1/3, no traction control or stability control with manual gearbox
Channel: aczdc69
Published: 2016-04-01 15:47:33
Duration: 9M53S
Views: 570
Likes: 1
Favorites: 0

Drifting Reverse Entry’s (without handbrake) Toyota Supra Online PS4 – Assetto Corsa

This is my first day on my PS4 (and Assetto Corsa) and was trying out some back entry’s. Using the Logitech G29 with shifter.
Channel: So PhAT
Published: 2016-12-27 01:37:13
Duration: 1M2S
Views: 282
Likes: 2
Favorites: 0

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