Animals Like Us : Animal Emotions – Wildlife Documentary

The study of animal behavior leaves little room for emotional-related explanations. Feelings in animals tend to be presented as functional explanations of behavior in a given situation. The notion of emotion has been completely overlooked, especially in the sixties, at the peak of animal experimentation, since it was easier to deny animal feelings like sadness or suffering, to guiltlessly carry out all sorts of tests. Recognizing the existence of animal feelings implies moral obligations. Things however are changing… and many scientists who study animal behavior are paying more and more attention to emotions. But how could it be otherwise? To better understand a behavior we need to compare it to an already seen already and understood situation. And what could better help us understand a specific behavior than our own experience, our own behavior and our own emotions.

Author : Keebe Kennedy
Director : Keebe Kennedy
Year : 2006
Producer(s) : Saint Thomas Productions, France 5, France 3, Canal+, National Geographic Channels

Bandits Of Selous [Mongoose Documentary] | Wild Things

These little rascals do what it takes to survive.

In the Selous game reserve in Tanzania, a brave bunch of banded mongooses fight to survive amidst an army of killers. These small mammals are surprisingly adept at dealing with their larger neighbours, are constantly on the lookout for predators and have been known to fight off eagles and kill cobras. We follow a mongoose pack as they are tested to the limit, living under constant threat from predators and the harsh African weather.

Content licensed by: Sky Vision

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Channel: Wild Things
Published: 2018-02-21 09:04:48
Duration: 50M
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Animals Like Us – Animal Business

Author(s) : Nicolas Gabriel
Director(s) : Nicolas Gabriel

«Give me this, I will give you that». This universal definition of trade finds an equivalent in nature in a phenomenon call «mutualism». Shaped by evolution, it describes all long or short term exchanges and cooperation between animals to survive. It turns the traditional host-parasite relationship in a beneficial alliance for both partners. To describe mutualism, this fascinating and well-documented episode travels from the cold ocean dephts to the heat of summer corn fields where unexpected couples have formed : manta rays and remoras, sea cucumbers and shrimps or else butterflies and ants got married for better or for worst.

Channel: Best Documentary
Published: 2018-12-18 09:33:26
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Animals Like Us : Animal Adoption – Wildlife Documentary

Altruism, an act that bestows a benefit on the recipient while conferring a cost to the actor, is one of the central paradoxes of evolution. In the wild, where only the fittest survive, adopting other animals’ offspring is not really in line with Darwin’s theory of evolution. And yet, amongst bees, dolphins, lions and several primate species, altruism may go as far as adoption. In the case of social insects, parent substitution was a flaw in Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection: the biologist noticed that non-reproductive insects who adopted and helped young ones, brought a large portion of genetic baggage from their parents. Darwin had to broaden his theory to the family group. For mammals, including men, what advantage is there in the act of adoption? In the years following the adoption, does the adopted individual contribute to the foster parents’ survival and vice versa? The controversy at the heart of this documentary continues to be debated in today’s scientific world. While raising these different questions, this documentary will study each case separately because each adoption behaviour has evolved independently forming its own pattern, its own benefit and even… its own disadvantages.

documentary made by Jacqueline Farmer

Channel: Best Documentary
Published: 2016-05-05 13:31:52
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Conflicts of Nature : Conflicts in the Jungle (Wildlife Documentary)

In the Amazon jungle of French Guyana, a young jaguar is preparing to become master of the forest. His reign over the territory, however, is contested by creatures fiercer than he. These six-legged beasts are none other than the fearsome warrior ants. Over several days we will follow the nomadic pursuits of this ant colony who will eventually cross paths with the young jaguar in his life-learning adventures. These ants uproot their home every single day, travelling by night in groups one-million strong. With an instinct for solidarity, they work as a cohesive group. Despite their unity, we will witness the subtle struggle for power between the Queen and a pretender. Little by little, we begin to understand these peculiar ants who, like the jaguar, do not go unnoticed by the other inhabitants of the forest.

Serie : Conflicts of Nature
Producers : Saint Thomas Productions, France 2
Author : Bertrand Loyer

Channel: Best Documentary
Published: 2017-03-28 16:10:45
Duration: 50M59S
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China : The dizzy valley of the forgotten (full documentary)

The Duong valley road is the only means of access between China, Burma and Tibet. A road that is paved over the first thirty kilometres, but which quickly turns into an extremely perilous track. It’s considered the most dangerous road in China. Landslides, difficult passages where it’s impossible for vehicles to pass, mud, tunnels that are too narrow, there’s no respite for drivers. The road demands the highest concentration. The cliffs are vertiginous. The least turn of the wheel can be fatal. And when the threat isn’t coming from below, it may come from the rock walls. On this track, you cannot commit any errors. We take the road aboard an overloaded collective taxi. At the wheel is Tcheng. He’s been driving this road once a week for six years. In the taxi, we find Fong who has to get back to his remote village in the mountains. Together, they will take more than seven hours to cover less than a hundred kilometres. Troubles begin right from the start of the journey. The tunnel is too narrow. The passengers have to get out of the vehicle to widen the walls at the risk of bringing it all down. During this adventure we meet woodcutters, children who sell coal, Tibetan monks and Chinese adventurers seeking their fortunesÂ… This road may be the one that leads to El Dorado, the El Dorado of the lead and tin mines.
Channel: Best Documentary
Published: 2018-02-20 13:11:55
Duration: 1H4M19S
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