###Animals for Adoption the week of 10 14 2018

Every animal in this video is hoping to find its forever home soon. They are all waiting at the TLC Animal Shelter the week of 10/14/2018. If you are looking to adopt come on out. Can’t adopt, please share. If you want to help thee animal, please donate. Thank you!

Homeless German Shepherd cries like a human! I have never heard anything like this!!!

To celebrate Hope For Paws’ 10th birthday, we are honored to be the first ones to introduce the NEW – DONATE BUTTON directly here on YouTube. On your mobile device it will be below the video, on your computer it will be to the right. Please join our team and

help us save many more lives.

Special thanks to our friends at LoveJoy foundation for fostering Rain and for handling her adoption: http://www.LovejoyFoundation.org

Rain was scared and expressed it in a way that I have never heard in my life! Her cry was heartbreaking, and I am so happy that Carey Linnell called Hope For Paws and asked for help.

Her ears were eaten by flies, her coat was filthy, and I can’t imagine what caused her to be so fearful.

Loreta Frankonyte was able to secure her, calm her down, and I initiated the first contact while Loreta was ready to pull her away from me if needed. Rain never did anything aggressive, she allowed me to touch her and along with Carey, we gained her trust and got her into the crate and from there to the hospital.

The next day, Loreta and I met our friend Allison Dunbar on a rescue of a dog named Monkey. After the rescue we headed to the hospital to clean him up, and at the hospital, Allison met Rain and fell in love!

A few days later, after a short recovery and a little bit of training with the Lovejoy Foundation, Allison, Kyle and Ernie came to visit Rain again, and the way to the adoption application was short 🙂

Rain was renamed Sassy Pants Dunbar, and she just LOVES her new life!

We really need your help so we can save more lives, so if you enjoy our videos, please donate $5 and help us change the world of these animals.

Thank you so much!!!



#HopeForPaws #DogRescue #DogVideos

#HopeForPaws #DogRescue #DogVideos

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China Adoption: Naomi’s GOTCHA DAY and Adoption Story

We traveled with our three boys and my mom to China to adopt our 2 year old daughter, Naomi who was born with Spina Bifida – Meningocele. She had a surgery when she was two months old and is doing really well. We adopted through CCAI and highly recommend them! We entered the adoption process in November of 2016, received her file in September 2017 and traveled in August 2018 to finally bring her home. We first traveled to Beijing to see the Great Wall of China, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, etc. We then traveled to Zhengzhou in the Henan Province to receive Naomi and then on to Guangzhou to complete the visa and immigration paperwork. We tried to include as many moments of our 18 day trip as we possibly could as well as a glimpse into how life has been since returning home. This has been a beautiful and, at times, trying journey but the joy in our lives because of this little girl can’t be replaced. We love you Naomi!

Stone’s Throw – The National Parks
Heavenly Vows (instrumental) – Cody Martin
Better Place – Rachel Platten
Unpack Your Heart – Phillip Phillips
Someone to You – Banners

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Hope For Paws: Homeless sick dog living under cars for 7 months – finally saved! Please share.

Please donate $5 and become a part of our efforts to save lives:
To adopt Aaron, please contact our friends who are fostering him:

Please share this video and help us find Aaron a loving forever home.

#HopeForPaws #DogRescue #DogVideos.

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Funny Dogs Video Compilation 2015

Awesome Dogs Compilation – The Best of funny moments with cuttest dogs.

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Be sure to subcribe to see more:

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FOX5 Surprise Squad: Couple Adopts Dying Neighbor’s 3 Kids, Comes Home, Finds House Different

A MUST WATCH TIL THE END! A tragedy leaves 3 children without anyone so a neighbor/mother of 5 opens her heart and her home to help.

Her unwavering love prompts the FOX5 Surprise Squad and the community to put into motion the largest chain of surprises ever!

Tisha Beauchmin, (a Las Vegas bingo cashier) and her husband Kevin, also a casino worker, helps this desperate mother of 3 in a way that many couldn’t imagine. But for Tisha, it was something her past had prepared her for.

Channel: FOX5 Las Vegas
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