Akita Dog Breed Things You Should Know

1, The Akita is a large breed of dog originating from the mountainous northern regions of Japan.

2, There are two separate varieties: a Japanese strain, commonly called “Akita Inu”, and an American strain, known as the “Akita”

3, Life span: 10 – 15 years

4, Hypoallergenic: No

5, Weight: Female: 34–50 kg, Male: 34–54 kg,

6, Height: Female: 58–64 cm, Male: 64–70 cm,

7, Colors: White, Brindle, Fawn, Red Fawn, Tan, Pinto, Sesame

8, Type : Working Dog

9, Temperament: Docile, Composed, Friendly, Alert, Dignified

10, Training : Medium – Hard

11, Distinctive Features : Pointed ears and upward curving tail

12, Nutrition : The Akita should do well on a high-quality dog food, whether commercially manufactured or home-prepared with your veterinarian’s supervision and approval.

13, Grooming : Akitas tend to be clean and have little “doggy odor.” They don’t require extensive grooming, but their thick, luxurious double coat should be brushed at least once a week to look its best.

14, Exercise : The Akita is generally not a highly active breed but does require moderate exercise.

15, Health : Like many dogs, Akitas can experience bloat, a sudden, life-threatening condition where the stomach can twist without veterinary intervention.

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So You Want to Own a Siberian Husky Dog ? Think About These 5 Husky Facts

Siberian Huskies are admired for being beautiful dogs, but they’re much more than a pretty face.

Ranked at number 12 on the American Kennel club list of most popular dog breeds, Huskies are showing up in more and more households across the country. TV shows like “Game of Thrones” are putting the breed in the spotlight, and their impressive-looking features are attracting dog lovers and hopeful pet owners. They’re big, beautiful, and can make great companions and partners, but they’re also not for everyone. Owning a Husky is a responsibility that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Think about these five Husky facts before bringing home your own:

number 1. Endless Energy
Bred as sled dogs, Huskies aren’t the kind of pet that’ll be happy snoozing all day on the couch. They have energy to burn, and if they’re not given the right outlet, they’ll find their own way to get the vigorous exercise and stimulation they need.
A bored Husky with pent-up energy will turn to destructive and troublesome behaviors. If you want to own a high-energy dog, you’ll need to commit to daily walks, runs, and social outings.

number 2. Skills Like Houdini
High-energy paired with an impressive intellect means Huskies are skilled escape artists. They have a natural instinct to roam and explore, and an average fence won’t be enough to stop them.
An athletic and determined Husky can easily leap over a six-foot fence, and if they can’t go over, they’ll look for other ways of escape. Your fenced yard will likely need to be reinforced if you plan on keeping a Husky confined while unsupervised. Many Huskies end up getting lost and hit by cars because they refuse to stay behind even a high fence.

number 3. Fur-Flavored Everything
Nearly all dog owners have to deal with shedding, but Huskies take it to another level. They’re built for cold climates, and they have both an undercoat and topcoat. Huskies usually “blow” their coats in the spring and fall. This means the undercoat sheds excessively as the new topcoat grows in. It lasts for about three weeks, and the result is enough dog hair on the floor, furniture, your clothes, and mixed in with your food to make it look like you own an entire sled team.
If you don’t want to drown in a fluffy mountain of your dog’s fur, you’ll need to commit to daily grooming and vacuuming.

number 4. Independent Spirit
There’s no doubting that Huskies can be loyal and loving to their owners, but their independent nature holds them back from being the lovable lap-dogs many people want. They’re notorious for being stubborn, and they’d much rather do things their way than obediently abide by house rules.
This can make training difficult, but not training a Husky is out of the question. Husky owners need to be patient, determined, and consistent.

number 5. Climate Concerns
Huskies do best in colder climates. They’re originally from the Arctic, and their fluffy coats, paws, ears, and even eyes are all examples of physical adaptions that make them perfectly suited to cold temperatures. You don’t need to live in the North Pole to own a Husky, but climate should still be a concern.
Huskies overheat easily, and they don’t do well in hot, tropical areas. If you live somewhere where it’s warm all year-round, be prepared to keep the AC running and provide your dog with suitable shade and water when outside.

If you’re looking for a Husky puppy, think about adopting from a Siberian Husky rescue group or finding a reputable breeder through the Siberian Husky Club of America.
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Akita Inu – Meeting a Child (秋田犬)

Akita Dog – Yuki always needs time to trust someone. Today he meets a happy child with much energy for the first time. Maybe too much energy for him but he got used to it.


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10 Abnormally Large Dogs In The World

10 Abnormally Large Dogs In The World
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10 Largest Dogs Ever You Won’t Believe Exist

Some breeds of dogs have been around since ancient times. Most dogs are bred for a lot of different things, from protecting livestock, and protecting their owners, to being faithful and loyal companions.

But in order for a dog to be protective, it’s should be bred with the size it needs to be effective. Join us as we take a look at 10 of the largest dogs ever.

1. Hulk, the Pit Bull – The name ‘Hulk’ fits this pit bull dog perfectly because he is a giant 175lbs, and stands on his hind legs almost 5 feet tall. And while he might seem big and scary, his owners say that he is very gentle and is even trusted around their young son.

2. Freddy, the Great Dane – It’s probably no surprise to many that the Great Dane is one of the largest breeds of dog in the world, but Freddy takes the breed to a whole new level of big. He stands 7ft 6 inches on his hind legs, 2 feet taller than his owner, and weighs 200lbs!

3. Zorba, the English Mastiff – This English Mastiff was a legend when it comes to some of the world’s biggest dogs. You may know that when it comes to the combination of weight and height, nothing can beat this breed of canine. Many Mastiffs average up to 190 pounds, but it’s not unusual for these giants to weigh around 225 pounds at full maturity.

4. CH Samson, the Neapolitan Mastiff – This breed of Mastiff, called ‘Mastino Napolitano’ is actually an ancient dog breed, and that might explain the size of this rare dog. CH Samson was one of the largest and heaviest Mastiffs and weighed a whopping 225 pounds at just two and a half years old.

5. Zeus the Great Dane – Zeus, who lived in Otsego, Michigan, was named the world’s tallest dog by the Guinness World Records in 2012. He measured an incredible 44 inches from his feet to the middle of his shoulder blades.

6. Newfoundland – Unlike many larger breeds, the Newfoundland wasn’t bred to be a guard dog. Instead, it was bred to help fishermen. These big, muscular dogs are able to haul nets and lines from boats, pull carts and, most importantly, fetch anything that falls overboard into the water, including people.

7. The Irish Wolfhound – Like the Scottish deerhound, the Irish wolfhound, as its name implies, was bred to chase down wolves. Developed from war hounds into a dog that was used for hunting and guarding, the Irish wolfhound is ancient breed of canine, and may have been brought to Ireland as far back as 7000 B.C.

8. Leonberger – This large breed of dog began as a mix between a Newfoundland and a Saint Bernard. In the mid-1840s, Heinrich Essig of Leonberg, Germany, crossed a Newfoundland with a Saint Bernard for four generations, then added in a Pyrenean Mountain Dog to the mix.

9. Caucasian Shepherd – This big dog was bred to do one thing only, and that is to protect sheep from wolves, and any other predator that dares attack a shepherd’s flock. However, these dogs can and have been used to protect other livestock.

10. The Anatolian Shepherd – This canine was bred to be a shepherd’s companion and livestock guardian. The interesting thing about them is that they were bred for their size and color so that they matched the livestock that they were protecting.

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20 Bizarre Hybrid Animal That Actually Exist

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The List Includes

20.The Blood Parrot Cichlid
19.The Kangaroo Hybrid
18.The Savannah Cat
17.The Wholphin
16.The Mule
15.The Blacktip Shark
14.The Beefalo
13.The Coydog
12.The ��ubro��
11.The Dzo
10.The Mulard
9.The Geep
8.The Tion
7.The Jaglion
6.The Leopon
5.The Zorse
4.The Zony
3.The Zonkey
2.The Cama
1.The Grolar Bear

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Facts About Chihuahua That You May Not Know || Chihuahua Facts

Small in size but big in personality, the Chihuahua is truly one of a kind. They are energetic, affectionate, playful and fiercely loyal to their family. But even if you’re familiar with the breed, there are probably some things you don’t know about them.

@ The Chihuahua receives its namesake from the state of Chihuahua, Mexico.

@ Prior to being universally known as Chihuahuas, people named the small dogs after the region in which they were found. This resulted in the Chihuahua being called the “Arizona dog,” “Texas dog” and the “Chihuahua dog.”

@ The American Kennel Club (AKC) and other reputable canine organizations only recognize two official varieties of the Chihuahua: the long coat and smooth coat (short hair).

@ The AKC Didn’t Separate Long-Coat and Smooth-Coat Chihuahuas Until 1952

@ the Chihuahua is the World’s Smallest Breed

@ With an average weight of just 2 to 6 pounds (1 to 3 kg) and height of 6 to 10 inches when fully grown, the Chihuahua is the world’s smallest dog breed.

@ Midget, the First AKC Chihuahua, was Registered in 1904

@ Completely white Chis are the rarest of all the colors.

@ You should never attach a leash to your Chihuahua’s collar because their little necks are fragile. Instead get a harness to attach the leash on to.

@ Chihuahua noses can be different colors including black, brown, gray and pink. Sometimes they can be two tones too.

@ Chihuahuas used to be larger than the now standard 2 to 6 pounds. It is believed they were bred with the Chinese Crested to make them smaller.

@ Chihuahuas started becoming really popular as pets in the 1960’s.

@ Remember the Taco Bell dog? Her real name was Gigdet and she was in hundreds of commercials. She lived til 2009 and died at the age of 15.

@ Ever wonder why there are long hair Chis and short hair Chis? Papillons were bred with short hair Chis to make long hair Chis.

@ Chihuahua puppies are born with floppy ears. They start standing erect as they get older. If they aren’t up by 6 months of age, they probably aren’t going to go up.

@ Chihuahuas come in over 30 different varieties and colors

@ Chihuahuas are such a loyal dog that they have been actually known to die of a broken heart when their owners die. Now that’s loyalty!

@ Chihuahuas were used as hot packs in ancient times. Maybe that’s why they always want to be sitting on us.

@ The dog species that originally made up the Chihuahua breed are often debated. One theory is that Fennec foxes helped to develop the breed. This is plausible. In 1980 a Fennec fox was successfully bred with a Chihuahua.

@ A Chihuahua’s resting heart beat is between 100-140 heart beats a minute. A human’s resting heart rate is between 60-100 beats a minute.

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