Adopted Dog Can’t Stop Hugging The Woman Who Adopted Her

Kayla Filoon, a student at Temple University, adopted Russ after meeting him at ACCT Philly animal shelter. Filoon volunteers at the shelter and often takes the lonely pups for walks.

“He would not stop cuddling with me,” Filoon said.

This Dog Was Noticed Digging Trash, Turns Out He Was Truly Making an attempt To Save Somebody’s Life

About a week ago, a police officer in Novo Horizonte, Brazil, saw a neighbor’s dog called Julie going through trash when the canine found something unexpected. At first the man thought it was a dead kitty, but it turned out to be a puppy – and he was very much alive. The officer immediately contacted Marco Antonio Rodrigues, a local animal rescuer, and asked for help. “[When I arrived], it was a moment of sadness… how can someone act like this?” Rodrigues told Bored Panda.
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Cute Couple Kissing and Hugging 2016

Cute Couple Kissing and Hugging 2016
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Panda addicted to hugging adorable pandas compilation

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This Senior Doggo Is Checking Off An Impressive Bucket List Before His 19th Birthday

Morgan, the senior dachshund, ended up in a shelter after his human passed away. The pooch was 18-years-old, so Senior Paws Sanctuary (SPS) was called and asked to help him. “[They] informed us that an elderly, unadoptable dog had arrived,” Kate Reidy, Morgan’s foster mom, told The Dodo. Morgan went to live with Reidy and her 10-year-old dog, Charlie who assumed that the dog would be a bit slower due to this age – but boy was she wrong!
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Nervous Dog Was Afraid Of Everything Until Her Baby Brother Came Along

Meet Weezy, the frightened doggie who would tremble at just about everything – until she met his human brother that is. No one knows exactly why the little Italian greyhound, who was dropped off at an animal shelter in Alberta, was so quaky all the time, but she seemed to be afraid of everything, from people to squeaky toys and even flies. The first people who took her from the shelter returned the pooch the next day – she looked too scared.

Then one day a woman named Sarah Mavro jumped into the car and drove two hours to get her. Turns out, Weezy’s teeth were in such bad condition, she was left only with two, as the others had to be removed – which explains her signature hanging tongue.

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