Adopt Peanut! // Chihuahua-Dachsund Mix // Adoption Featurette

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10 PAW PATROL Dogs In Real Life

This is how your favorite cartoon dogs would look like in real life!

After saving the community of Adventure Bay, the PAW Patrol is ready to save our world! These real-life puppies are ready for a new adventure, and they will save the day with the power of their beautiful smiles. The personalities of the dog breeds suit perfectly the cartoon characters that you saw on the TV show. This is why today, we are showing you 10 PAW Patrol dogs in real life.

Many dogs are already working with the police K-9 or with the firefighters in our world. They are German Shepherds like Chase and Dalmatians like Marshall! These breeds are known for their courage and their intelligence. This is why they are the best dogs you could ever find to save the world, and they are proud members of the PAW Patrol!

And don’t underestimate the girls. Everest is a Husky, a breed who can work during the winter with very low temperatures. And even if it is very cold outside, these puppies have the warmest heart. Skye is a Cockapoo, a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle mix, which explains why she is so friendly and lovable when she is with her friends!

Stay tuned to see what Rubble, Rocky, Tracker, Zuma, Sweetie, and Apollo look like in real life. They are so adorable that you won’t be able to stop watching! Tell us in the comments down below who is your favorite cartoon character and don’t forget to subscribe to TheThings for more stories like this. Thanks for watching.

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Published: 2017-07-02 20:17:42
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Funniest & Cutest Golden Retriever Videos #24 – Compilation 2017

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Watch funniest golden retriever videos and try not to laugh. Funny golden retriever dogs, funny golden retrievers, cute golden retriever vines, funniest golden retriever puppies, cute golden retrievers and many more videos in this compilation.
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Published: 2017-07-02 13:45:50
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Funniest Pets of the Week Compilation June 2017 | Funny Pet Videos

Brand new weekly compilation of the funniest dog, cat, bird and other pet and animal clips, bloopers, outtakes & funniest moments caught on tape.

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Cute Chihuahua Dog Tricks and Agility

Chihuahua SL presents 6 cute long-haired chihuahuas – Dixie, Augusto, Mathilda, Ziara, Pinci and Carlos – showing adorable tricks and agility they have learned.

Chihuahua Sõprade Liit (The Union of the Friends of Chihuahuas) in Estonia organizes training sessions where small dogs can learn tricks and run through a custom-made miniature agility course. We also teach chihuahuas how to solve funny and educating puzzle games meant for dogs.

These chihuahuas have learned tricks and practiced running through the agility course for three years now. Some of them were still puppies when they started. Tricks in this video aren’t everything these cute little dogs know, however. There are over thirty different tricks and more obstacles on the agility course. In every practice the difficulty level of the track differs.

Overall 34 chihuahuas attend the training sessions organized by Chihuahua Sõprade Liit. But since owners of some other small dog breeds were also interested in these practices, two dachshunds, a Moscow Toy Terrier (long-haired Russian Toy Terrier), two Yorkshire Terriers (Yorkie), two Pomeranians (Dwarf Spitz, Pom), a West Highland White Terrier (Westie) and even two Springer Spaniels joined in. It’s saddening that small lap dogs are often considered as stupid, because this is far from the truth. Chihuahua is an intelligent dog breed and a fast learner and so are Yorkies and Pomeranians. Interestingly enough, more often than once, dogs with problem behavior are the quickest to learn new tricks.

These pups like to give back and so they’ve performed these tricks at various charity events – for children without parental care at SOS Children’s Village and at dog match shows and other dedicated events helping to raise money for homeless dogs. As these dogs are well-trained and –behaved a lot of them also have a considerable modelling and acting careers posing at designer dog clothing runway shows and advertisements as well as other ads and appearances in Estonian TV shows and even movies.

Dog trainer: Krista Laanet
Video: Martin Ilustrumm |


Chihuahua Sõprade Liit korraldab sulekoertele trikiõpet ja spetsiaalselt selleks otstarbeks valmistatud miniatuursel agilityrajal trenne. Samuti õpetame chihuahuadele kuidas lahendada koertele mõeldud nuputamismange, mida on meil kokku ule 20 erineva. Selles videos naitavad oma oskusi 6 armast pikakarvalist chihuahuat – Dixie, Augusto, Mathilda, Ziara, Pinci ja Carlos.

Videos esinevad chihuahuad on trikke õppinud ja agility-rajal harjutanud kolm aastat. Videos nahtu ei ole kõik, mida need nutikad chihuahuad on selgeks õppinud, erinevaid trikke on kokku ule kolmekummne ja agilityrajal on takistusi veel. Igal tunnil tuleb labida erineva raskusastmega rada.

Meie liidu trennis kaib kokku 34 chihuahuat, kuid kuna huvi hakkasid tundma ka teiste vaikesekasvuliste tõgude omanikud, teevad meiega koos trenni kaks taksi, Moskva toy terjer (pikakarvaline Vene toy terjer), kaks Yorkshire terjerit (Yorkie), kaks pomeraniani, West highland white terjer (westie) ja isegi kaks springerspanjelit. Vaikest kasvu sulekoeri, eriti chihuahuat, peetakse rumalateks ja see kurvastab, sest see ei ole tõsi. Chihuahuad on intelligentsed ja vaga kiired õppijad, niisamuti ka yorkied ja pomeranianid. Olen tahele pannud, et probleemselt kaituvad koerad õpivad tihti trikke vaga kiiresti.

Me kaime esinemas heategevusuritustel – nii oleme aidanud haigetele, koduta koertele koguda raviraha, esinenud SOS Lastekula lastele ja koerte match show’del koerte varjupaikade tegevust toetanud. Meie liidu koerad on ka hinnatud modellid koerterõivaste tootjatele, kuna nad on koolitatud ja oskavad ka laval trikke tehes rõivakollektsioone esitleda. Nii toimub meil igal sugisel suures ostukeskuses SOLARIS suur heategevuslik koerterõivaste show Koertemood. Meie koerad on esinenud Eesti filmides ja reklaamides, nad on armsad ja targad sulekoerad.

Treener: Krista Laanet
Video: Martin Ilustrumm

Channel: Chihuahua SL
Published: 2014-03-20 18:47:42
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Funniest & Cutest French Bulldog Videos #2 – Compilation 2017

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Watch funniest French Bulldog videos and try not to laugh. Funny French Bulldog dogs, funny French Bulldogs, cute French Bulldog vines, funniest French Bulldog puppies, cute French Bulldog and many more videos in this compilation.
Channel: Grumpy Dog
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