Abused Cat Has 5 Pounds Of Matted Fur, Finds It In Himself To Love People When It Comes Off

Abused Cat Has 5 Pounds Of Matted Fur, Finds It In Himself To Love People When It Comes Off
While many elderly people own pets for companionship in their last years, one problem that can arise is what happens to these animals when the owners are too unwell to take care of themselves. For Sinbad the Persian cat, this became a massive issue when his elderly owner in Chicago became unfit to taking care of his furry friend.

The cat ended up living in a basement by himself, his fur matted and his overall health unwell.
It was not until a utility worker came by to work on the house Sinbad was in that he was discovered in the basement. The man immediately called The Anti-Cruelty Society (ACS) to help this poor animal.

The ACS looked at Sinbad and knew immediately that the first step was cutting off the massive matted hair that had been growing all over the Persian cat. The before and after with that alone is absolutely amazing, and the fur alone weighed a whopping 5 pounds!
Unfortunately, they realized that there were other problems underneath the matted fur, including a malnutrition and injured leg. To fix his malnutrition, the cat was force-fed until his digestive system was kicked back into gear, and in no time, he was back in tip-top shape.

Elliott Serrano, a staff member at Chicago’s ACS, fell in love with Sinbad and decided to become a foster parent for the newly shaven cat. From there, the two absolutely fell for each other even more, and Elliott explains that one particular moment – when Sinbad purred and crawled onto his chest- as the moment he knew he was going to be a full time, permanent owner.The two are now thriving together.

Elliott concludes- “He has recovered very well and for a cat of nine years, after going through what he has, is very friendly and frisky.”

With all these adorable photos of the two, we know they are a true match made in heaven, and we can’t wait to see them spend the rest of their lives together. Keep up with the two of them here, via Instagram!Please SHARE this with your friends and family.

Dog Is Abandoned With His Stuffed Elephant – Then Finds Out They’re Getting Adopted Together

Dog Is Abandoned With His Stuffed Elephant – Then Finds Out They’re Getting Adopted Together
It is heartbreaking to think of all of the pets that are currently in animal shelters. Some poor animals get dumped in high-kill shelters, with little to no hope.

According to the ASPCA, “approximately 6.5 million companion animals enter U.S. animal shelters nationwide every year. Of those, approximately 3.3 million are dogs and 3.2 million are cats.”

On Valentine’s Day, Smokey the dog became one of these statistics. But thankfully, his story has a much happier ending than most.Smokey was surrendered to the Franklin County Dog Shelter & Adoption center in February 2017. When Smokey was given up, he had one possession with him. His elephant stuffed animal.

Sadly, Smokey’s previous owner had lost their home and could not care him anymore. But they hoped that by leaving the elephant with Smokey, he’d have a sense of comfort in the shelter.

Rescuers realized just how important this elephant was to Smokey. While he waited to be adopted, the sign on his Kennel read “keep my elephant with me.”At first, the group worried that Smokey would be hard to place, as he was growling and they couldn’t put him up for adoption to the public. So, they sent out a blast notification to local rescue groups to try and find a home for Smokey.

Lucky for Smokey, two volunteers from the nonprofit I Have A Dream Rescue Organization were checking out another dog at the shelter and spotted Smokey. They instantly fell in love with him and knew they’d need to bring him back with them.

The group shared four adorable photos of Smokey on their Facebook page after taking him in.

We want to give Smokey and his elephant a great big #WelcomeToSafe shout!!! They are both currently enjoying their freedom ride (Smokey fell asleep immediately) and there will definitely be more to come, but tonight they will be taking a much needed break and getting some rest.I Have a Dream Rescue Organization worked to find Smokey a foster that could give him all of the care, love, and attention he needs.

Shortly after they posted about Smokey, many flocked to the posting to offer their assistance. Everyone wanted to bring Smokey and his stuffed elephant into their home.It is wonderful to know that Smokey is now able to feel safe and that everyone’s respected his love of his little-stuffed elephant.

Please SHARE Smokey’s story with your friends and family on Facebook today.

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Crying Pit Bull Goes Viral – But The Look On Her Face When She’s Adopted Takes Internet By Storm

Crying Pit Bull Goes Viral – But The Look On Her Face When She’s Adopted Takes Internet By Storm
A video of this pit bull “crying” in a shelter went viral and helped her find her forever home.

Sarah Sleime regularly volunteers with the Greater Charlotte SPCA, and she was visiting a shelter in North Carolina that Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Care & Control runs when she came across this dog.

Talking to the Dodo, Sleime explained her reaction to this sweet, sad pit bull:

I was waiting for them to health check a couple of the dogs we were considering pulling, and I was walking up and down the kennels, and I just saw this pit bull sitting there, and she was very humanlike – slumped over and very solemn.”
Sleime felt the need to get closer, so she:

“Bent over and started talking to her.”
When she got a closer look, Sleime realized that this pit bull recently had puppies.

The pit bull was seven years old, and her puppies weren’t with her at the moment. According to Sleime, as she talked, the pooch’s eyes watered and it looked like they filled with tears.

Although experts still aren’t sure whether dogs cry emotional tears like humans, Sleime could tell without a doubt that this pit bull was upset. She had been recently surrendered and was also extremely overweight. Sleime told the Dodo that the workers at the shelter:“Believe she was confined and used as a breeding machine. She’s obviously had many, many litters.”
Because this pit bull was a big dog, however, Sleime knew that the Greater Charlotte SPCA wouldn’t be able to help her.

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Man Saves Wild Horse With Chained Legs – Horse Thanks Him In Incredible Fashion

Man Saves Wild Horse With Chained Legs – Horse Thanks Him In Incredible Fashion
Horses are beautiful creatures that are known for their majestic gait and impressive galloping speed. But unfortunately, many horses in Romania aren’t free to run as fast as they’d like. In Romania, it’s common for people to chain together the horses’ front or hind legs to stop them from running away. But these chains can be very painful, and they often cut into the horses’ skin.

When a veterinarian with the animal welfare organization Four Paws International saw a horse with his legs chained up, he decided to set the animal free.When the horse saw the veterinarian approaching him, he tried to run away. After being chained up for so long, he had learned not to trust humans. But the veterinarian, Ovidiu Rosu, carefully approached the horse, showing him that he meant no harm.

Eventually, the horse stopped moving and allowed Rosu to cut the chains off his front legs.As the horse was recovering, a member of his herd went up to Rosu and touched noses with him. It was the horse’s way of saying thank you for helping his friend.For years, Four Paws International have been helping the wild horses of Romania’s Danube Delta.These horses were first brought to Romania around 300 to 400 years ago by the Tatars. The Tatars left many horses behind, and they started roaming freely through the area. Many horses were also set free in 1989, after the agricultural cooperatives in the area broke apart. This led to a huge population boom—by 2010, there were as many as 1,500 horses living in the Danube Delta.

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the gorilla broke the glass… and then this happened…

the gorilla broke the glass… and then this happened…
Twitter: https://goo.gl/pgbdEV
gorilla zoo compilation epic funny awesome video to watch! party animals loud kids.

Video Inspired by Mastersaint & Infinite Lists & IYoutube

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Paralyzed Pit Bull Lies On Floor – Watch The Moment Her Veteran Dad Comes Home After 6 Months

Paralyzed Pit Bull Lies On Floor – Watch The Moment Her Veteran Dad Comes Home After 6 Months
The Swansons are a loving family who have opened their home up to numerous dogs. One day, they decided to add one more dog to their home: a special needs pit bull named Emma.

Emma has a birth defect called Polyradiculitis, which she got from a toxoplasmosis infection in utero. This disease causes inflammation in the dog’s nerves and muscle contractions. The disease has also paralyzed Emma’s back legs. Most puppies with this disease die soon after birth. But miraculously, Emma survived and thrived.

Emma loves her family, but she’s especially close with her dad, who is a U.S. Air Force Officer. When he was deployed for six months, both Emma and her dad were devastated to say goodbye.

When his six-month deployment was up, Emma’s dad returned home. Melissa Swanson, the Airman’s wife, shot video of the moment that the loving father was reunited with his dogs. Grab some tissues before you watch—you’re going to need them!

Emma’s siblings ran over to their dad, jumping on him and crying with joy. Emma crawled across the floor, unable to contain her excitement. Her dad picked her up and held her tightly as her face lit up with pure joy.
In the video description, Swanson answered a question many viewers had: why didn’t Emma use a wheelchair? She wrote:

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