ABC Kids TV | Cartoons for kids – Fun Animals Care Kids Games

ABC Kids TV | Cartoons for kids – Fun Animals Care Kids Games
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– Honey, the animals in the jungle are really in a mess at this very moment. What a bummer!

Where is the naughty monkey? Ugh, he fell into the water! Oh, poor little thing! So how about the other animals. Bad luck, the zebra is injured and the strong lion has some teeth problems. And you know what, misfortunes never come singly. The cute elephant, lively squirrel and many others are in bad situation too.

Honey, don’t sit idly by when the animals really need help. With kindness and excellent medical skills, you are the savior they are longing for. “Jungle Doctor”, please buckle up and venture into the forest!

How to play
Open the game and set out by car. Oh~ the monkey fell into the water. Firstly let’s help him out with the rope, then treat him by using the medical instruments below. Bravo, the monkey has recovered. Whoopee~ he really appreciates your help and gives you some medals. Don’t forget to check the “Medal Icon” on the top right corner. See~ a “Treasure Chest”, but what’s inside? Just tap it to have a look! Wow~ there are decorations for the forest and you can exchange them with your medals. Dear, it’s so urgent that many other animals are still in danger. Just clench the steering wheel and start off again. But never take this lightly! It will not be a plain sailing in the forest, the collapsed bridge, broken car, burning trees, unassembled tent and even hungry animals can stop you. Oh, don’t ignore the adorable assistant, she wants to be more amazing. Hurry to click the “Campsite” to dress her up. Hey, wait~ what’s on the left side? It’s the “Achievement”! Every time you complete a certain task, one achievement you will get! Doctor, are you ready? Let’s go all out to save the forest.

– Fulfill your medical skills with various instruments
– Figure out the different stories and situations of 12 animals
– Challenge 5 mini games & strive for 12 achievements
– Get your assistant dressed up with 20 exquisite accessories
– Exchange medals for 15 decorations to beautify the forest

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